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Guided Imagery II – essential techniques

This new workshop delves deeper into this essential therapeutic skill’s power and flexibility – you will learn a variety of guided imagery techniques that are highly effective at helping people move on from problem behaviours, reframe life circumstances, lower emotional arousal, make therapeutic lifestyle changes, increase resilience and more.Building on the skills learnt on Guided Imagery and Visualisation for therapeutic change (‘Day 1’), this second workshop focuses specifically on the techniques that allow clients to move forward from depression, overcome anxiety and combat addiction. We also look at how to introduce helpful new understandings to clients in a way that overcomes resistance.

Strong emotions focus and lock attention keeping people trapped or stuck – so this hands-on training also gives you the opportunity to further develop your therapeutic abilities to help people rehearse in their imagination any desired change to their behaviours and/or feelings, which dramatically increases the likelihood of those changes taking place in ‘real life’, and then being maintained in the future.

Guided imagery, as taught on Day 1 is one of the most powerful psychotherapeutic tools available to us; Day 2 will allow you to develop your ability to use it flexibly and successfully in a range of different client presentations. These are essential skills to have in your therapeutic ‘toolkit’.

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'The course was clear, succinct, practical and delivered with charm! First class.'

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