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Group Analysis Post-Pandemic: Power In Numbers

  • 4th Dec 2023
  • Anthea Benjamin

Why group analysis? And why now? With interest on the rise amongst clients and referrers, Group Analyst and Arts Psychotherapist Anthea Benjamin offers the first of several blog posts on this powerful mode of therapy – reflecting on the role of group analysis in healing relational wounding, addressing issues related to power, privilege and oppression, emphasising the formative nature of community and bringing us back into connection.

The Upward Spiral Of Grief: Helping Children Navigate Bereavement

  • 20th Nov 2023
  • Shelley Gilbert

How can we better support young people through the complex processing of grieving? Shelley Gilbert is a consultant psychotherapist and child and adolescent grief specialist whose work is informed by her own experience of being orphaned at the age of nine. To mark Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2023, she guides us through the Upward Spiral of Grief – a trauma-informed model that speaks to young peoples’ lived experience of loss.

Supporting Therapist Self-Care in Supervision

  • 14th Nov 2023
  • Sarah Worley-James

What are the keys to maintaining self-care while working as a therapist? How can supervision practice centre a commitment to practitioner wellbeing? Sarah Worley-James is a supervisor, trainer and manager of a university counselling service. She marks Self-Care Week 2023 with a look at three key elements that can support supervisees to consider their own needs as well as their clients’ – context, variety, and valuing ourselves.

Introducing ‘Boundedness’: An Alternative to Therapy’s Safety Axiom?

  • 13th Nov 2023
  • Lucie Fielding

While much contemporary therapy emphasises the importance of establishing a sense of safety, depth psychological traditions spoke instead of containment. Informed by their experience of gender transition and of kink/BDSM practices, as well as Winnicott, Bion and Jung, therapist and Trans Sex author Lucie Fielding discusses fear, risk, play and states of therapeutic chaos – and suggests clinicians should aim instead to offer clients an experience of ‘boundedness’.

The Pain of Blackness: Exploring Internalised Oppression Using Sandplay

  • 9th Nov 2023
  • Dwight Turner

When working with self-harm and suicide in the black community, we need to understand the impact of minority stress and the self-othering involved in adaptation to white spaces. Ahead of PESI UK’s live and online Working with Suicide, Self-Harm and Trauma summit next week, psychotherapist, author and activist Dr Dwight Turner shares how he uses sandplay to help clients explore the unconscious landscape of internalised systemic oppression.

When Clients Have an Over-Attachment to Stress

  • 1st Nov 2023
  • Taylor M. Ham

Many people come to therapy seeking to reduce or manage their stress, which we often think of as an unwanted product of our environment. Once work is underway, however, clients may reveal a strong attachment to being constantly on edge. Taylor M. Ham is a marriage and family therapist specialising in stress and anxiety. To mark Stress Awareness Day 2023, she digs into the subconscious beliefs that can keep individuals stuck in a habitual stress response – and shares some gentle questions to release stressed clients from a life of angst and tension.