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SHADES of Life as Systemic Practice 2/5: Colour Constellations

  • 16th Apr 2021
  • Sonya Welch-Moring

One of the legacies of slavery and colonialism is a reluctance to openly discuss colour dynamics, leaving damaging inequalities to resonate down the generations. In the second part of her series, systemic therapist and Ancestral Constellations practitioner Sonya Welch-Moring describes her use of ‘diaspora dollies’ to draw out the stories around skin colour that can whisper through family systems.

Just Too Busy For Mindfulness?

  • 13th Apr 2021
  • Margaret Landale

Most therapists appreciate that mindfulness can be a great mental health resource. But how many of us find time to get round to it ourselves? As we mark Stress Awareness Month this April, Margaret Landale, a specialist in stress-related and psychosomatic disorders, shares her own struggle to make just 15 minutes a day for mindfulness – and the benefits when she does.

SHADES of Life as Systemic Practice 1/5: An Introduction

  • 9th Apr 2021
  • Sonya Welch-Moring

How can we safely uncover and explore colour dynamics – in our client work, our personal lives, and as a profession? Sonya Welch-Moring is a systemic therapist and Ancestral Constellations practitioner who has been developing a creative embodied approach for individual and group work. In this new five-part series, she explains how SHADES of Life can help all therapists to talk about colour, power and inequality… and to take action.

Join world-leading clinicians for PESI UK’s Trauma and Attachment Conference

  • 6th Apr 2021
  • Blog Editor

This month, PESI UK invites you to connect with Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Professor Jeremy Holmes and other key voices in trauma and attachment. Taking place from April 15-16, this special two-day conference will consider the needs of some of our most vulnerable clients in this time of global stress.

Gender Diversity: With Visibility Comes Vulnerability

  • 31st Mar 2021
  • Ellis J. Johnson

How can we help our trans clients to feel ‘seen’, and feel safe, in therapy? On Trans Day of Visibility, Ellis J. Johnson discusses the simultaneous experience of invisibility and hypervisibility for many gender diverse people – and urges therapists to stop recreating oppressive structures and expectations in the therapeutic space, starting with a simple reframing.

When We Meet Again… Re-embodying Therapy

  • 29th Mar 2021
  • sissy lykou

What might the return to in-person therapy feel like following a prolonged period of working online? As she prepares herself and her clients for the transition, embodied movement psychotherapist sissy lykou finds guidance in memories of the earthquake training she experienced during her school days in Greece.

The Attachment Paradox

  • 26th Mar 2021
  • Stefan Walters

Previously secure relationships can fall into anxious patterns, especially when life events render an attachment figure suddenly emotionally unreliable. How can we help clients to understand their own or the other’s escalating reactions, and regain both trust and independence? Stefan Walters shares a useful, destigmatising framing.

PESI UK Announces Timely Trauma and Attachment Conference

  • 23rd Mar 2021
  • Blog Editor

Understanding the interrelationship between trauma and attachment has never been more important than in this time of global stress. In April, PESI UK will be gathering together world leading attachment specialists and trauma experts as part of a special two-day conference. Join Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Professor Jeremy Holmes and other key voices for the latest insights and innovations in working with trauma and attachment.

Psychiatric Drugs: What Therapists Need to Consider

  • 17th Mar 2021
  • Rachel Freeth

Just because therapists don’t prescribe psychiatric drugs, doesn’t mean we can’t support our clients to explore their impact. Ahead of a live PESI UK webcast training in April, psychiatrist turned Person-Centered Counsellor Rachel Freeth draws our attention to the various ways in which drugs may affect our clients and the therapy – and suggests we have a key role to play in holding space for subjective meaning.

Are Clients Feeling Pressure to Answer My Calls?

  • 15th Mar 2021
  • Jude Boyles

If clients have become slower to answer session calls or engage in dialogue during the pandemic, how might we respond? Drawing on her work with resettled refugees, Jude Boyles reflects on the importance of continuing to offer that weekly call – while finding ways to explore how individual clients experience our persistence.