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Enrich your practice by reading the latest insights, provocations and practical tips from world leading therapists and other key voices across modalities and topics.

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Working with Avoidant Attachment: Attachment Patterns And The Pandemic

  • 8th Apr 2020
  • Linda Cundy

How might social distancing and social-isolation be affecting clients depending on their attachment patterns? In her fourth blog about working with highly defended clients, Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist Linda Cundy spots an opportunity for therapists to explore issues around intimacy, need, contamination, intrusion and self-protection.

Child Psychotherapy in the Time of the Coronavirus

  • 6th Apr 2020
  • Deirdre Dowling

How are those of us who work with young people adjusting to conducting sessions online? Deirdre Dowling, a child, adolescent and adult psychoanalytic psychotherapist, reflects on the first 10 days of taking her practice online during the Covid-19 pandemic, observing the profound impact on the children, teenagers and supervisees she works with – and on herself.

Family Life During the Pandemic (2/5): Absences

  • 3rd Apr 2020
  • Annette Byford

How might family systems be responding to enforced distance between members of the family? In the second instalment of her weekly blog series about family systems during the coronavirus crisis, psychotherapist and author Annette Byford observes feelings of abandonment, guilt and uselessness, reflects on the importance of therapeutic reframing, and anticipates shifts in generational power.

Coping With Stress in Our Changing World: Six Key Strategies

  • 1st Apr 2020
  • Tracy Jarvis

For therapists and our clients, it may feel as though the whole world is out of balance at the moment, let alone our nervous systems. How can we optimise our wellbeing at a time of such unprecedented stress? To mark the start of National Stress Awareness Month, Tracy Jarvis, director of PESI UK and a psychotherapist specialising in trauma and neuroscience, shares her ‘ACCESS’ acronym to help us cope.

8 Tips For Health Anxiety-Related Sleep Problems

  • 30th Mar 2020
  • Kathryn Pinkham

Hands up whose clients are struggling to sleep at the moment? For those with pre-existing or developing health anxiety, sleep disturbance may be greater during the current Covid-19 outbreak, and concerns over the effects of poor sleep on immunity can create a vicious circle. Insomnia Clinic founder Kathryn Pinkham is currently offering her online sleep programme free to NHS workers – and here shares 8 tips for improving the sleep of clients with health anxiety.

Family Life During the Pandemic (1/5): Keeping It In the Family

  • 27th Mar 2020
  • Annette Byford

Families are now facing one of two highly pressurised new realities: not seeing each other at all, or seeing each other all of the time. How might our clients’ families be responding to the imposed changes, and how can we help them adjust? Psychotherapist and author Annette Byford begins a five-blog series on the family system during the coronavirus crisis with a consideration of coping mechanisms, and how separateness and togetherness have individual meanings for each of us.

Anticipatory Grief and the Corona Crisis

  • 25th Mar 2020
  • Esther Ramsay Jones

Denial, anger, depression, bargaining… we are likely to be encountering all of these reactions to the current covid-19 pandemic in our clients, as well as in ourselves. Dr Esther Ramsay-Jones, a psychotherapist and lecturer in Death Dying and Bereavement, suggests how the concept of anticipatory grief might help us to understand our shifting emotional positions at this time – and begins to imagine what acceptance might look like.

Caring Through Crises: How Therapist Anxiety Might be Manifesting

  • 24th Mar 2020
  • Sarah Van Gogh

Panicky exchanges about preferred online platforms have been common among therapists this week. Worrying over details may be a distraction from our primal anxiety in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, says Sarah Van Gogh – who offers some grounding for those experiencing hopelessness and overwhelm as we continue to care for clients through this crisis.

Mothering, Scarification and Trauma in the Time of Corona

  • 21st Mar 2020
  • Jane G Goldberg

With whole cities and countries now in quarantine, many mothers and children will be spending Mother’s Day apart this Sunday. Meanwhile, parents the world over are beginning to worry about the long-term impact of the pandemic on our children. Psychoanalyst and mother Jane G Goldberg considers the relationship between trauma and transformation, from the meaning our ancestors gave to scars to Freud’s thoughts on birth, and the role of challenges and crises in the forging of identity.

How to Help Children Cope with the Coronavirus Emergency

  • 19th Mar 2020
  • Kenneth Barish

On Friday, UK schools will join others around the world in closing due to the coronavirus crisis. How will family life need to change? Child therapist and Clinical Professor of Psychology Kenneth Barish draws on his conversations with families who are already living through this, to suggest four key ways in which parents can be supported to help children through this time.

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