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Just Too Busy For Mindfulness?

  • 13th Apr 2021
  • Margaret Landale

Most therapists appreciate that mindfulness can be a great mental health resource. But how many of us find time to get round to it ourselves? As we mark Stress Awareness Month this April, Margaret Landale, a specialist in stress-related and psychosomatic disorders, shares her own struggle to make just 15 minutes a day for mindfulness – and the benefits when she does.

We Are Human First: Ethnic and Race-Based Traumatic Stress

  • 12th Mar 2021
  • Gail Parker

We are all impacted by xenophobia and racism, whether we are the ones being wounded, or the ones intentionally or unwittingly doing the wounding. Ahead of a free PESI UK Clinical Spotlight webcast on 1st April, author, psychologist and yoga therapist educator Dr Gail Parker explores the implications for our psychological health and wellbeing of living in a culture of unhealed ethnic and racial trauma – and the importance of self-care practices for promoting post-traumatic growth.

(ACCESS) Coping With Stress in Our Changing World: Six Key Strategies

  • 1st Apr 2020
  • Tracy Jarvis

For therapists and our clients, it may feel as though the whole world is out of balance at the moment, let alone our nervous systems. How can we optimise our wellbeing at a time of such unprecedented stress? To mark the start of National Stress Awareness Month, Tracy Jarvis, Director of PESI UK and a psychotherapist specialising in trauma and neuroscience, shares her ‘ACCESS’ acronym to help us cope, reduce stress and regulate our nervous systems.

Stress: A Neurobiological Friend or Foe?

  • 10th Apr 2019
  • Tracy Jarvis

What do Polyvagal Theory, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing and Interpersonal Neurobiology have in common? They all encourage nervous system awareness and regulation as a key to wellbeing. To mark Stress Awareness Month this April, psychotherapist and Director of Psychotherapy Excellence, Tracy Jarvis, explains how we can help clients to identify positive and negative stress, befriend their bodies, and ultimately regulate their own nervous systems.