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About the PESI Blog

PESI is the UK’s largest online CPD and learning hub, offering the latest Psychotherapy, Counselling and mental health CPD, training and events.

The Blog reflects this commitment to cross-modality learning and thinking. We bring
together key voices from across the mental health profession, promoting practitioner-
to-practitioner communication in the belief that knowledge and new ideas should be
accessible to all.

We publish brief articles aimed at enriching contemporary psychotherapy practice by
sharing insights, offering provocations, and presenting practical tips. The Blog also
aims to reflect and promote variety and diversity in psychotherapy writing.

New blogs are posted two to five times a week.


Views expressed in the blog are those of the writer, and not necessarily
shared with PESI. Publication on this blog does not imply
endorsement of the writer’s views by PESI. Reasonable care has
been taken to avoid errors, but no liability will be accepted for any errors that may

Our readers

Our core readership of mental health practitioners includes psychotherapists,
counsellors and psychologists, as well as social workers, psychiatrists, teachers,
occupational therapists, and others whose work benefits from therapeutic insight.

Our contributors

The large and growing pool of international contributors includes many leading
psychotherapy authors, speakers and trainers. The Blog is also a platform for new and
emerging voices. Sometimes we feature contributions from non-practitioners with a
pertinent academic, social or personal take on mental health issues. Occasionally we
feature author extracts from our sister site in the US, Psychotherapy Networker.
We are glad to include mention of a contributor’s new book, upcoming trainings or

Our editorial guidelines

Get in touch
We are always on the look out for new contributors. If you are interested in discussing
an idea for the PESI Blog, please email the editor:

Contributors suggest blogs to us as often as they like. Most blogs are one-off, self-
contained articles. Occasionally specialist authors write about a particular topic or aspect of psychotherapy across 5-12 interlinked blogs, as part of our Friday Focus

Topics and angles
We are interested in receiving suggestions for blogs about any aspect of
psychotherapy or related mental health issues. They might tie in with an upcoming
awareness day, conference or book launch, relate to a current news story, or be
prompted by a recent moment in the contributor’s own practice. We prioritise
insights, provocations and practical tips that readers can take directly into their work.

Format and style
Our blogs tend to be between 400-600 words. They can incorporate subheadings, lists
and bullet-points. The style is more journalistic than academic, and we welcome
informal, first-person writing. We value contributors’ individual voices and

Linking and referencing
Full academic references aren’t necessary when referring to an author or publication.
Hyperlinks can be used sparingly to take readers directly to references.

The Blog is an editing platform, and we work with our contributors to ensure blogs
are relevant and accessible to a cross-modality readership. We consult on blog titles
and any significant edits. Fact checking is ultimately the contributor’s responsibility
(see Disclaimer above).

Republishing/repurposing policy
Contributors wishing, after a length of time, to reuse their blogs on other platforms or
in other publications should credit PESI with the following
wording: The original version of this article was published on the PESI Blog on [date]. Anyone wishing to quote from a blog should contact the
contributor directly.