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Supporting Young Schoolchildren: Creative Approaches

  • 3rd Feb 2021
  • Anna Atkinson

How can we help children find safety, feel grounded, and express themselves during the Covid outbreak? As we mark Children’s Mental Health Week, arts counsellor Anna Atkinson shares useful creative approaches from her work in a primary school inclusion team – and reflects on when a simple online game might actually be the best intervention.

Feeling Healthy: Inside and Out

  • 10th Feb 2019
  • Fiona Pienaar

To conclude her blog series marking Children’s Mental Health Week, Dr Fiona Pienaar shares new research findings about the impact of sleep on young people’s capacity to cope with worries – and offers some tips on how adults can model attitudes and behaviours that foster healthy bodies and minds.

Why Finding Time Can’t Wait

  • 7th Feb 2019
  • Fiona Pienaar

Time is a fundamental element of the therapeutic frame, which we go to lengths to boundary and protect. But outside the consulting room, it can seem as though our relationship with time is getting out of hand. In the fourth of her week-long series of blogs to mark Children’s Mental Health Week, Dr Fiona Pienaar reminds us of the importance of ‘finding time’ – that elusive but critical ingredient in our relationships and wellbeing.

"The Truth Depends on a Walk Around the Lake"

  • 6th Feb 2019
  • Fiona Pienaar

Getting away from technology and out into nature is fundamentally important for our mental health. In the third of her week-long series of blogs to mark Children’s Mental Health Week, Dr Fiona Pienaar explains why we should all be stepping away from technology and engaging with the Great Outdoors – and reflects on the key skills this can foster, not just in children, but in therapists.