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Pandemic-Related Trauma: Helping Clients Feel Safe

  • 11th Feb 2021
  • Dan Roberts

How can we support clients who are struggling with trauma, whether new or historic, during the coronavirus crisis? Schema therapist Dan Roberts discusses threat-system activation, nervous-system dysregulation and maladaptive schemas, and shares his favourite technique for helping clients to create a felt sense of safety.

Body Image Issues 3/5: Sense of Self

  • 14th Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

At the heart of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder lies a desperate striving to feel worthy of love. Continuing her series on body image issues, Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, psychologist, psychotherapist and author of False Bodies, True Selves, discusses how to work with a client’s false and fragmented sense of self.

Body Image Issues 2/5: Shame

  • 8th Jan 2021
  • Nicole Schnackenberg

When a feeling of being ‘bad at one’s core’ gets projected onto our physical appearance, no amount of weight loss or cosmetic surgery will ‘fix’ us. Dr Nicole Schnackenberg, psychologist, psychotherapist, specialist in body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) and author of False Bodies, True Selves, continues her blog series with a consideration of the role of shame in eating disorders and BDD.