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Counselling Parents of Disabled Children: What Helps?

  • 28th Jul 2021
  • Joanna Griffin

For complex reasons, therapeutic support is often inaccessible or poorly attuned to the needs of parents caring for children with a disability. Joanna Griffin, author, counselling psychologist and parent carer, shares insights from her research – and her lived experience – of what counselling can be doing to help.

When Life Feels ‘Too Big’: Developmental Deficits and Dosing Down

  • 20th Jul 2021
  • Kathrin Stauffer

Clients who were neglected as children are likely to have fewer psychological resources, leading to a life of constant overstretching. How can we help such individuals to build ‘psychological muscle’ and experience a felt sense of achievement – without risking overwhelm? Body psychotherapist and author Kathrin Stauffer introduces the concept of ‘dosing down’.

Stress, Safety and Social Connectedness: Post-Pandemic Polyvagal Insights

  • 19th Jul 2021
  • Blog Editor

Stephen Porges on the intimate connection between our social world and our visceral organs, the impact of stress and trauma on physiological state, and why the pandemic has left even the founder of Polyvagal Theory struggling “to feel comfortable in the presence of others”.

Safeguarding Children in Therapeutic Settings: Online Dilemmas

  • 14th Jul 2021
  • Gretchen Precey

New windows on risk have been opened by online therapy with children and young people. In her third occasional blog about her work, independent social worker Gretchen Precey shares some of the emerging dilemmas with which our safeguarding procedures and trainings need to keep pace – from the unseen presence of family members to what we might glimpse on the mantlepiece.

The Impact of Revenge Porn

  • 7th Jul 2021
  • Renée Danziger

The sharing of sexual images without consent is on the rise, including among school-age children. Renée Danziger, psychoanalyst, social scientist and author of Radical Revenge, discusses the life-changing impact of these acts, and the powerful and complex feelings we may encounter when victims of revenge porn come to therapy.

Working with Avoidant Attachment: The Avoidant Therapist

  • 30th Jun 2021
  • Linda Cundy

What blind spots, and benefits, can therapists with avoidant attachment histories bring to the therapeutic relationship? Concluding her series about supporting highly defended clients, Attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist Linda Cundy turns her attention to the ‘orchids’ among us – and wonders how therapist attachment patterns may play out as we start returning to face-to-face work.

Sexual Violence 5/5: Therapy as Activism

  • 25th Jun 2021
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

What are our social responsibilities when working with survivors of sexual violence? If we don’t extend our attentions beyond the therapy space, are we in danger of compounding victim-blaming and perpetuating cultural silence? In the concluding part of her series, Erene Hadjiioannou encourages therapists to raise our voices – and step outside the room.

Kitchen Therapy: Edible Narrative Therapy

  • 21st Jun 2021
  • Charlotte Hastings

The connection between cooking and storytelling runs deep, and our personal narratives around food are rich with psychological information. In her fourth blog about her Kitchen Therapy practice, Charlotte Hastings considers the stories we tell ourselves at all stages of the cooking process, from selecting a recipe to ‘judging’ what we have produced.

Sexual Violence 4/5: Vicarious Trauma

  • 18th Jun 2021
  • Erene Hadjiioannou

From disturbed sleep through to physical pain, it is common for therapists to experience stress responses when working with survivors of sexual violence. In the fourth part of her series, Erene Hadjiioannou suggests ways to identify and manage vicarious trauma – helping us stay connected with ourselves, and with our clients.

Working with Survivors of CSA: The Essentials

  • 15th Jun 2021
  • Christiane Sanderson

The trauma of childhood sexual abuse leaves survivors with unique and complex needs. Ahead of a PESI UK live webcast this week, specialist, author and trainer Christiane Sanderson shares the core principles, models and frameworks that can support therapists of all modalities to practise safely and effectively, with understanding of the past and hope for the future.