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Fed, Full, Forced, Fed Up - The Work with Eating (dis)Orders


Eating (dis)Orders and (dis)Ordered Eating present a challenge to any practitioner on multiple levels. Learning how to identify and work with each presentation can be a daunting task, and easily become the trigger for confusion and anguish in the therapist. Our relationship with food is a gateway to the innermost part of ourselves, and any issue at this level poses questions regarding Selfhood and Embodiment.

The workshop will offer an opportunity for participants to question their own relationship with eating, with the aim of enhancing their client’s. The two days will cover both psychological and biological aspects of Eating (dis)Orders and help the participants to identify when and how to involve medical professionals in the psychological treatment of such presentations. The two days will have both theoretical and clinical focus throughout, and there will also be opportunities for participants to bring their own clinical material and reflect on specific dilemmas they might be facing.


Visit our website: Fed, Full, Forced, Fed Up - The Work with Eating (dis)Orders

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£195 (non-members); £160 (members); £160 (MC Students only)
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The Minster Centre
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20 Lonsdale Road London
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