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Attachment theory – relationships and mental health with Katherine Berry - Online Workshop

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom online.

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Attachment theory has taken a leading position in working as a psychotherapists. It is crucial that as clinicians we are able to understand relationship patterns with our clients. Many come to us because of issues in relationships. 

Developing your understanding of the role of attachment difficulties in adult mental health problems will give you more tools for your clinical work. It can also inform therapy assessments, formulation and intervention. 

Workshop Aims  

By the end of the workshop you can expect:  

  1. To understand the basic tenets of attachment theory throughout the life span.
  2. To understand how attachment difficulties can increase vulnerability to the development and maintenance of mental distress in adulthood.
  3. To understand how attachment theory can inform therapy with adults. 

The workshop will include the following: 

Attachment theory was developed by John Bowlby to explain the importance of human relationships to psychological well being across the lifespan. Insecure attachment styles are a vulnerability factor for the development of mental health difficulties and a growing body of research has explored attachment difficulties in people experiencing mental health problem.  

This workshop will draw on Professor Berry's extensive research and experience of working with individuals with mental health problems using an attachment model. The session will begin by exploring the relevance of attachment theory for adulthood relationships and adult mental health. The session will also focus on ways of assessing adult attachment patterns in clinical practice and present a range of standardised methods to assess attachment. This will be followed by a discussion and case examples of how attachment theory can inform formulation and therapy. The focus will be on how ideas can be integrated into existing evidence-based therapies, as well as the design and delivery of mental health services.  

Target Audience

This course is open to qualified and training psychotherapists and counsellors. The theoretical orientation of the workshop will be psychodynamic but practitioners of other modalities are welcome to attend.

Workshop Leaders

Katherine Berry is a Professor in Clinical Psychology at the University of Manchester and Co-director of the Complex Trauma and Resilience Research Unit (C-TRU) at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust. Her research has focused on understanding the psychosocial mechanisms underlying the development of psychosis and using psychological formulations which draw on psychological theories of understanding distress to improve multi-disciplinary mental health care. She is currently Chief Investigator on a large multi-site programme grant and randomised controlled trial (Talk, Understand and Listen for Inpatient Settings, TULIPS) that aims to increase access to psychological therapies and psychologically-informed care on acute mental health wards. She has edited two books on attachment theory: Attachment theory and adult mental health: A clinical guide (Routledge, 2013) and Attachment theory in psychosis: Current perspectives and future directions (Routledge, 2019). She is also joint Editor of the British Psychological Society journal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Theory, Research and Practice.  

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