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Join world-leading clinicians for PESI UK’s Trauma and Attachment Conference

This month, PESI UK invites you to connect with Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Professor Jeremy Holmes and other key voices in trauma and attachment. Taking place from April 15-16, this special two-day conference will consider the needs of some of our most vulnerable clients in this time of global stress.

Working through a global pandemic was not something any of us prepared for in our therapy trainings. The last year has tested many therapists to our limits. It has certainly forced most of us beyond our comfort zones.

But it has also been an opportunity to bear witness, on a grand scale and in a very humbling way, to some cornerstones of therapeutic understanding.

Through our client work and beyond, we have observed humankind’s incredible capacity to adapt. More painfully, we have been reminded that we all respond differently to stress and trauma – and that those already adversely impacted by difficult attachment and trauma histories are likely to struggle the most.

How can we best help clients with trauma and attachment wounds to survive these times of global stress, and perhaps even thrive?

Some of the world’s leading attachment specialists and trauma experts will be responding to this timely question as part of a special two-day conference this month. Trauma and Attachment: Critical Insights into the Neurobiology of Healing Trauma and Attachment in Times of Stress, will be taking place from April 15-16.

Combining attachment-informed perspectives on trauma, and trauma-informed perspectives on attachment, the conference will take a deep dive into our bodies and nervous systems to get to the root of the interrelationship between attachment and trauma.

On the Thursday, you’ll discover the latest advances in relational neuroscience from Professor Jeremy Holmes, renowned expert in the field of psychoanalytic psychotherapy and attachment.

You’ll hear how racialised trauma can impact attachments between black people and people of colour, as group analyst and forensic psychotherapist Dr Anne Aiyebusi brings a generational perspective.

And you’ll learn creative and practical ways to work with disorganised attachment and heal underlying power wounds, with leading expert in adult attachment theory, Dr Diane Poole Heller.

On the Friday, you’ll consider the altered states of consciousness associated with psychological trauma and childhood attachment disruptions, with PTSD specialist and Professor of Psychiatry, Dr Ruth Lanius.

You’ll look beyond dyadic attachments, as we talk social behaviour and connectedness with Dr Stephen Porges, the developer of Polvagal Theory.

And you’ll get to grips with contradictory internal attachment tendencies in dissociative clients, as the creator of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Dr Pat Ogden, shares somatic interventions for promoting integration and coping with stress.

Each day will also conclude with a panel discussion, offering more opportunities to learn direct from the experts – and there is a package of bonus material with contributions from Michael Soth and Janina Fisher.

As we slowly begin to come through the pandemic, the depth and scale of the psychological damage is starting to reveal itself. This conference is timed to inform, enrich and resource therapists as we prepare to pick up many of the pieces – but also to offer hope. In the coming months, we may also have the honour of witnessing and supporting people’s incredible capacity, following even the deepest and earliest traumas, to heal.

The PESI UK Trauma and Attachment Conference will take place from April 16-17. Visit this page for the full line-up and details of how to register.



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