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Marina Mojovic

Dr Marina Mojovic currently lives and works in Belgrade as a psychiatrist, individual psychoanalytic psychotherapist, group analyst and organizational consultant in her private practice. She is a trainer in the Group Analytic Society-Belgrade and founder of its Section and Training for Psychodynamic Studies of Institutions, Organizations and Society; she is also a member of GAS-International, IGPA, EFPP, EAP, ISPSO and OPUS in which she is a national representative for Serbia and a Convener of the OPUS Listening Posts for Serbia. Special interest in social unconscious: exploration, writing and applying to society, thereby develops in Serbia the ‘reflective citizens’ project, studies on social dreaming, median and large groups.

Confluence and Collaboration: Group Analysis in the 21st Century

Morris Nitsun |  Gwen Adshead |  Rex Haigh |  Earl Hopper |  Sue Einhorn |  Farhad Dalal |  Marina Mojovic
Audio and Video
Mar 01, 2016
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Digital Recording
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