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Ruth Williams

Ruth Williams is a Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer within the Counselling and Mental Health sectors. She specialises in supporting neurodivergent clients, many of whom are autistic and/or ADHD. She offers regular monthly individual and group supervision to therapists as well as ‘ad-hoc’ supervision to those who have their own supervisor but may require some additional expertise to assist their work with neurodivergent clients. Aspire Consultancy was launched in 2015 by Ruth and her colleague, Deborah Wortman, Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor and Trainer. Like Ruth, Deborah is part of a neurodiverse family, and both were keen to develop a specialist practice aimed at helping clients to access therapy with practitioners who fully understand how to support them. Aspire Consultancy provides a series of courses and monthly CPD groups for supervisors, counsellors and coaches, to help them develop the skills to support their autistic and ADHD clients. Courses are written with the help of the wider neurodivergent community, whose views and experiences are shared, and incorporate a live question time panel led by people diagnosed autistic and/or ADHD. In Autumn 2023 Aspire Consultancy launched their Associates Directory of Counsellors, Coaches and Supervisors who have extensive experience working with neurodivergent clients.