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Dr Raphael Travis Jr.

Dr Raphael Travis Jr., is a professor and MSW program director at Texas State University in the School of Social Work. His research, practice and consultancy work emphasize healthy development over the life-course, resilience, and civic engagement. He also investigates creative arts, especially Hip-Hop culture, as a source of health and well-being for individuals and communities. He is author of the book The Healing Power of Hip Hop. His latest research, linking arts engagement and well-being, appears in a variety of academic journals and book chapter. Dr. Travis holds degrees from University of Virginia, University of Michigan, and University of California at Los Angeles.

The Collaborative Research for Education, Art, and Therapeutic Engagement (CREATE) Lab at Texas State University (San Marcos, TX, USA) led by Dr. Travis, partners with researchers, educators, artists, and community-based organizations focused on better understanding the educational, health, and therapeutic benefits of music and art engagement. The CREATE Lab has multiple active research projects including studies that build upon the lab’s on-campus music studio. The studio, complete with professional quality music technology, hardware and software, makes constructing, recording, remixing, and other ways of engaging music possible. Research outcomes of interest are heathy development, empowerment, and reduced stress, anxiety, and depression.

Dr. Travis is also the founder and director of FlowStory, PLLC. FlowStory promotes the empowering aspects of Hip Hop culture as a critical tool for learning, growth, and well-being across all ages, but especially with youth in family, education, therapy, afterschool, and summer program settings.

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