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Kim Huckerby, BSocWk; GradDipCouns

Kim Huckerby has spent the last 15 years working extensively with young people, parents, secondary schools, the corporate sector and the wider community. Her professional focus has been on adolescent development, engaging in diverse roles to pursue her passion in education and training about youth issues. Kim has navigated the adolescent space for many years and has found that  through  working  in  different  areas  such  as  psycho-education,  outreach,  mentoring  and

teaching/training, she has equipped herself with the necessary tools, skill base and knowledge to impart some of learnings with the wider community. Over the last few years, Kim has moved into strategic planning and management at Raise Foundation, as well as a newly appointment role in the Learning and Development space. She also runs her own business delivering Youth Mental Health First Aid courses.  

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