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Judith Matz

Judith Matz, LCSW is a clinical social worker, author and sought after speaker on the topics of diet culture, binge eating, emotional eating, body image, Health At Every Size and weight stigma. Her books include: Beyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Comprehensive Guide to Treating Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating, and Emotional Overeating (2nd edition, 2014); The Diet Survivor’s Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care (2006); and Amanda’s Big Dream, a children’s book that helps kids to pursue their dreams—at any size! Judith has a private practice in the Chicago area, where she works with clients with Binge Eating Disorder and those who want to break the yo-yo dieting cycle and learn to feel at home in their bodies. Watch for her new Body Positivity card deck coming soon (J. Matz and A. Pershing, PESI Publishing, Spring 2020) and find her at