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Joy Hibbins

Joy Hibbins is the Founder and CEO of Suicide Crisis, a charity which runs a Suicide Crisis Centre and a Trauma Centre in the UK. She is the author of The Suicide Prevention Pocket Guidebook: How To Support Someone Who Is Having Suicidal Feelings and Suicide Prevention Techniques: How A Suicide Crisis Service Saves Lives.  The Suicide Crisis Centre has attracted international attention. In 2019, Joy was contacted by the Ministry of Health in New Zealand. They wanted to learn more about the Suicide Crisis Centre as they planned their new national suicide prevention strategy. Joy subsequently received a letter from the Ministry, which commended the “inspiring” work of the charity.  Joy received the British Empire Medal for services to vulnerable people in the Queen’s New Year Honours List in 2019. She also received the Janey Antoniou award in 2018, which celebrates “extraordinary achievement in fighting stigma and discrimination and bringing about change”.