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Catherine Knibbs

Catherine is a Human Being, Mum, Author, Doctoral (PhD) Clinical Researcher and Child/Adult Psychotherapist specialising in virtual and corporeal trauma using Integrative creative methods including gaming and biofeedback. She is a gamer, blogger, vlogger and podcaster. She is the Director for Research and Development for ACTO, the Director for Privacy4 (an industry information standard for therapists), and writes for an international organisation aimed at reducing the impact of pornography on children and young people. Catherine is also the leading researcher in the UK around the topic of cybertrauma, and runs courses for therapists on topics including data protection, technology, ethics, security and theoretical applications and her favourite topic of Cybertrauma. She is currently writing a second book. She is @nibzy on Twitter, @nibzy_5.0 on Instagram Facebook: Cyber Trauma and Young People. The podcast is called Cybersynapse and is available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Anchor and many more audio platforms.