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Anna S. Christie

Anna S. Christie. B.A., M.Div., is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Vancouver, Canada. She has a history of severe emetophobia from which she completely recovered. She took further post-graduate studies and became a licensed psychotherapist in 2010. Since then she has run an educational self-help programme online and has coached over 200 emetophobic adults, teenagers, and children using traditional CBT with exposure and response prevention (‘ERP’). With child psychologist David Russ she has written Emetophobia: Understanding and Treating Fear of Vomiting in Children and Adults (2023, Jessica Kingsley, London) In 2010 Anna created a website with free resources which is for therapists. Her online presence on social media, as a blogger and host of the podcast Emetophobia Help has led her to be viewed as the leading authority on emetophobia in the English-speaking world. Anna also has been a keynote speaker, workshop leader and academic lecturer.