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Online Therapy/Distance Therapy for psychotherapists, counsellors and mental health professionals

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Suzie Mosson |  Maria O'Brien
5 Hours 51 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 24, 2020
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In these uncertain times, your clients need you more than ever.

Anxiety is flooding their lives as they worry about loved ones, health, finances, stability and more.

But your ability to safely and responsibly work with clients in-person has been drastically altered. 

That’s why now is the time to offer your clients online/ distance therapy services

So you can continue to help your clients today, and into the future.

Before you get started, you may have questions about online/ distance therapy, such as:

  • What are the procedures I need to follow?
  • How do I maintain client confidentiality?
  • What are the legal and ethical risks?
  • How do client sessions differ compared to traditional sessions?

Get answers to all these questions (and more!) when you watch Suzie Mosson and Maria O’Brien, co-directors of Online Training for Counsellors Ltd. 

And we are delighted to mention that this online CPD event meets BACP and UKCP core competencies around working online or practicing distance therapy.




This online program is worth 6 hours CPD.



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Suzie is a Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Supervisor and Tutor.  She has an online practice supporting clients worldwide with her years of experience in the relationship and digital field.  Additionally, Suzie has a face to face private practice in the heart of Central Scotland where she offers individual and relationship therapy.  Suzie delivers online and face to face supervision to a range of mental health professionals in the UK and overseas.  As a CPCAB approved tutor Suzie delivers online training to Diploma level.  As a Director of OLT4c for many years, she constructs and delivers bespoke training to meet and maintain the needs of practitioners nationally and internationally. She contributed two chapters to Online Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners, edited by Anne Stokes.

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Maria O’Brien is an accredited BACP counsellor, an online counsellor, supervisor and trainer. She is co-director of Online training for Counsellors Ltd and together with Suzie Mosson designs, develops and delivers training to counsellors, psychotherapists and mental health practitioners who wish to work safely and ethically online.


Her passionate lies in ensuring student and practitioner wellbeing through regular online supervision. she has contributed a number of articles published in books written and/or edited by Anne Stokes including;


Online Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners

Editor : Anne Stokes


Setting Up in Independent Practice: A Handbook for Therapy and Psychology Practitioners

Author(s) : Robert Bor, Author(s) : Anne Stokes


She also runs a successful online independent practice and divides her time between the United Kingdom and Southern Ireland.


  1. Clarify the privacy, security and confidentiality concerns related to technology use in therapeutic practice.
  2. Explore webcam, text and email and its place in a therapeutic setting
  3. Outline the unique policies and procedures for consideration within online counselling and the implications these may have for mental health practitioners in a work place and private practice setting.
  4. Establish how client sessions differ for online practice as compared to face to face sessions considering online disinhibition
  5. Articulate unique boundary issues that arise in an online therapeutic session
  6. Consider best ethical practices regarding referrals, competence and exploring alternatives



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