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Discover Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Recognise the roles and functions 'parts-of-self' play from a non-pathologising perspective

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Leona Dawson, M. Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy, MA (Language & Literacy), TAE40116, Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Dip Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy
2 hours
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Sep 07, 2021
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Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy is fast becoming one of the most popular ‘parts’ psychotherapy models. IFS therapy uses a non-pathologizing, accelerated approach rooted in neuroscience, giving you an effective, evidence-based treatment model to help all your clients experience deep healing.

It works because it’s flexible enough to meet clients where they are and structured enough to guide them through their pain. Presenting issues and symptoms are seen as the coping mechanisms of Parts (sub-personalities/ego-states) actively trying to protect us from pain through proactive coping strategies or reactive impulses. The IFS therapist supports the client to unblend or differentiate from each Part and enter an internal dialogue.  Clients learn to listen inside themselves with self-compassion and curiosity (Self), and, in the process release beliefs, emotions, sensations, patterns and urges that have constrained their lives. IFS therapy also enhances mindful awareness and self-compassion through getting to know Parts in a methodical yet intimate way. IFS therapists confidently welcome client symptoms as being an introduction to protective Parts both reducing client resistance and therapist fatigue or discouragement.

In this introduction to IFS therapy talk, Leona Dawson will provide a foundational understanding of the IFS therapy model and offers insights into the roles and functions of parts in common presenting issues.

IFS therapy is effective in practice because it offers a deep, transformational healing to clients AND it allows clinicians the ability to connect with ANY client differentiating the person from their symptom.

PS - We're so confident this PESI AU presented learning experience will be all that's promised and more than expected — that's why we've backed it with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Note: This product is not affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify toward IFS Institute credits or IFS Institute certification.



This online program is worth 2.0 hours CPD.



Leona Dawson, M. Counselling & Applied Psychotherapy, MA (Language & Literacy), TAE40116, Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Dip Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy's Profile

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Leona Dawson (Master’s in Counselling & Psychotherapy, MA Language & Literacy, Cert Therapeutic Journal Writing, Dip Transpersonal Art Therapy, Dip Clinical Hypnosis & Strategic Psychotherapy, Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment) is a Level 3 certified IFS therapist and IFSI consultant. She has worked as a program assistant for Australia and international Level 1 and 2 trainings. She has also delivered workshops for PESI Australia. Leona works in private practice.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Leona Dawson maintains a private practice. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Leona Dawson has no relevant non-financial relationships.



Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand overall principles and concepts underpinning IFS as a therapeutic modality.
  2. Recognise the roles and functions parts play in presenting issues from a non-pathologizing perspective.
  3. Access your own protective parts through an experiential guided self-exploration process


Session :

  • Welcome, introduction, overview of session
  • Introduction to IFS principles and concepts
  • Describe roles and functions of protectors and exiles in the IFS model
  • Reframe some common clinical presentations through an IFS lens
  • Access some of your own protective parts through a guided meditation
  • Q&A

Target Audience

This event is suitalble for anyone interested in incorporating Internal Family Systems (IFS) skills into existing client work. 



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