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Here at PESI, our mission is to provide professionals like you with FREE practical and valuable tools, strategies, and resources to assist with the great work you do...and during our 8 Days of Giving Special we've decided to give you 8 FREE resources where you can access expert tips, helpful worksheets, demonstration videos, CPD, news, and much more. Just browse the below list of 8 resources. Happy learning!

A New Twist on Deep Breathing and A 2-Minute Relaxer

2 FREE VIDEOS: A New Twist on Deep Breathing and A 2-Minute Relaxer

Have you had an anxious client refuse to use breathing exercises to decrease stress, claiming, "it doesn’t work on me..."? Dr Margaret Wehrenberg has and that's why she's sharing two-free short videos where she'll walk you through these exercises to help make the experience more visual and engaging for your clients. With this new twist to deep breathing, your clients will finally experience the calming benefits they’ve been searching for. Try these for yourself and see how much more relaxed you feel!

Watch the FREE videos instantly here.

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

FREE CPD VIDEO: The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

In this free one-hour CPD video, Dr Vincent Felitti, the co-principal investigator of the internationally recognized ACE Study and world-renowned childhood trauma expert, discusses the research, clinical implications and applications in mental health practice today.

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EMDR Strategies


What to do when trauma treatment isn't working...

Download the FREE worksheet to help you make stronger connections with your clients, lower distress, and help rewire the brain for faster recovery after trauma. Plus watch Jennifer Sweeton, PsyD, MS, MA discuss the biggest reasons why clinicians get stuck when treating trauma... and what to do about it!

Download your free worksheets here.

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Mindfulness Activity

FREE Mindfulness Activity

Use this tick-tock game to help your young clients or students become relaxed and focused!

This game is versatile for children of all ages as it can be played sitting or standing, for short periods of time or extended to meet the unique needs of each child you work with.

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High Risk Clients

FREE WORKSHEETS: From High-Risk Clients

With suicide being the 10th leading cause of death, it’s critical that we learn more effective ways to lead the conversation around mental health crises. Use this worksheet when assessing your clients to ensure you’re not missing crucial information for treatment and safety planning.

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Building a Great Marriage

FREE CPD VIDEO: From Building a Great Marriage

Featuring John Gottman, PhD and Julie Gottman, PhD

Gain powerful knowledge and strategies you can use to guide your couples in building great relationships that are filled with life-long, committed love and affection.

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Art in Therapy


Worksheets for Clinicians and Clients

Quick, art warm-ups are the perfect way to break the ice and get clients feeling comfortable, less inhibited, and motivated to participate in individual or group therapy.

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Re-activate the Trauma Brain

FREE WORKSHEET: Re-activate the Trauma Brain

Re-activate the trauma-impacted brain with the help of Janina Fisher's simple but effective trauma treatment worksheets. These take-home handouts give your clients structured tools that leverage the latest neuroscience insight to help your clients think, express themselves, and finally experience lasting therapeutic improvement. Plus these worksheets address overwhelming emotions like anxiety and shame.

Download your free trauma worksheet today.

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