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Who is my Jung? Celebrating 40 years of the Association of Jungian Analysts

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Jules Cashford |  Warren Colman |  Jim Fitzgerald |  Dale Mathers |  Marylin Mathew |  Helen Morgan |  Arthur Niesser |  Mark Saban |  Andrew Samuels |  Ann Shearer |  Martin Stone |  Jan Wiener
4 Hours 52 Minutes
Audio and Video
Nov 11, 2017
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The conference with open with an address from Arthur Niesser, the Chair of AJA. Dr Niesser will then introduce the keynote speaker, Martin Stone

1: The Analytical Relationship - Dale Mathers, Marilyn Mathew, Helen Morgan
Chair: Pan Lemos (Chair of GAP)

2: Archetypes, Spirituality, Approaches to the Numinous - Jules Cashford, Warren Colman, Jim Fitzgerald, Ann Shearer

Chair: Emilija Kiehl (Chair of BJAA)

3: Entering into the World of the Other - Mark Saban, Andrew Samuels, Jan Wiener
Chair: Penny Boisset (Convenor of IGAP)



This online program is worth 5 hours CPD.


Jules Cashford Related seminars and products

Jules Cashford (AJA) wrote The Moon, The Myth of the Goddess (with Anne Baring), translated The Homeric Hymns, and has made DVDs on Jan van Eyck.

Warren Colman Related seminars and products

Warren Colman (SAP) is Consultant Editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology and has recently published a book on The Emergence of Symbolic Imagination.

Jim Fitzgerald Related seminars and products

Jim Fitzgerald is a Zurich-trained analyst with a private practice in London. He is a member of GAP and IGAP.

Dale Mathers Related seminars and products

Dale Mathers (AJA) is a psychiatrist, humanistic psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst. He teaches in Europe and Russia and writes about meaning, and alchemy.

Marylin Mathew Related seminars and products

Marilyn Mathew is a senior member of the BJAA/bpf. She runs Jungian Infant Observation courses, teaches, and works in private practice in south London.

Helen Morgan Related seminars and products

Helen Morgan is a Training Analyst for the BJAA. She is particularly interested in exploring the interface between Jungian analytic thinking and the external world.

Arthur Niesser Related seminars and products

Arthur Niesser is Chair of AJA.

Mark Saban Related seminars and products

Mark Saban is a senior analyst with IGAP. He lectures regularly at the Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies at Essex University.

Andrew Samuels Related seminars and products

Andrew Samuels (SAP) is an analyst, professor, activist and writer whose books range from Jung and the Post-Jungians (1985) to A New Therapy for Politics? (2015).

Ann Shearer Related seminars and products

Ann Shearer is a senior analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists. Her latest book is Why Don’t Psychotherapists Laugh? Enjoyment and the consulting room.

Martin Stone Related seminars and products

Martin Stone is a supervisor, senior analyst and past Chair of AJA. He has written on splits in Jungian groups, embodied countertransference, frequency and synchronicity.

Jan Wiener Related seminars and products

Jan Wiener is Director of Training at the SAP and previously Vice President of the IAAP. She is author of four books and numerous papers.



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