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The Powerful World of Therapy with Adults 65 and Older: Challenging Our Myths about Aging

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Regina Koepp, PsyD, ABPP
2 Hours 09 Minutes
Mar 18, 2023
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By 2034, there will be more people 65 and older than children under the age of 18. Yet, most older adults—due to stigma, ageism, access and a lack of trained professionals —are not receiving the mental health care they need. Unaddressed mental health concerns for this group of adults often leads to a diminished quality of life, higher risk for suicide, and even earlier death. In this session, we’ll challenge common myths about working with older adults and discover the truth about mental health and ageing. You’ll explore:

  • Age-related changes in the brain that can impact mental health
  • Strategies to promote successful ageing
  • Unique issues around sex for older adults and how to support your clients in getting the sexual satisfaction they want
  • How stereotypes, bias, and ageism impact physical and mental health


Planning Committee Disclosure - No relevant relationships

All members of the PESI, Inc. planning committee have provided disclosures of financial relationships with ineligible organizations and any relevant non-financial relationships prior to planning content for this activity. None of the committee members had relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies or other potentially biasing relationships to disclose to learners.  For speaker disclosures, please see the faculty biography.


This online program is worth 2.25 hours CPD.



Regina Koepp, PsyD, ABPP's Profile

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Regina Koepp, PsyD, ABPP, is a board-certified clinical psychologist, founder of the Center for Mental Health & Aging, and lead medical psychologist at the University of Vermont Medical Center.

Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dr. Regina Koepp is the founder and director of the Center for Mental Health & Aging. She maintains a private practice and has an employment relationship with the University of Vermont Medical Center. Dr. Koepp is a contributing author of Psychology Today and creator and host of Psychology of Aging Podcast. She has a family member that has a financial relationship with Skinesa, Inc. Dr. Koepp receives a speaking honorarium from Psychotherapy Networker and PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dr. Regina Koepp is a member of the Georgia Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, and the Gerontological Society of America.


  1. Catalogue 5 ways that ageism impacts the mental and physical health of people 65 and older.
  2. Assess attitudes and sexual activity in older adults.
  3. Conduct 3 strategies to promote successful aging.


  • The 5 ways ageism impacts the mental and physical health of people 65 and older
  • The most common changes that occur in the brain as we age and discover which of these changes are actually positive
  • The importance of talking about sex with older adults
  • Three evidence-based strategies you need to promote successful aging
  • The “ABC model” for challenging ageism

Target Audience

  • Counsellors
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Addiction Counselors
  • Physicians
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners 
  • Other Mental Health Professionals



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