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Personality Disorders - A Trait-based View

Providing a new lens for assessment and treatment

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Dr Luke Hockey, MAPS, FCFP
One full day
Nov 25, 2021
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Personality disorders have typically been viewed using a categorical approach, which assumes that each personality disorder is a separate and distinct category. We will discuss an alternative approach which focuses on the traits of these complex individuals and where they lie on various dimensions. This training aims to broaden and deepen participants’ understanding of personality disorders and provide treatment strategies aligned with the current literature on the dimensional approach. The morning session of the training will provide an overview of personality disorders and how each disorder is viewed through the dimensional model, with a focus on how such traits relate to risky behaviours (e.g. self-harm, offending behaviours). Furthermore, the question of ‘Can they change?’ will be explored.

The afternoon session will focus on treatment approaches and challenges, including discussion on interpersonal boundaries and the rupture/repair process. Considerable time will be spent exploring the impact of trauma on the development of personality disorders and the importance of processing such trauma in order to meet the goals of treatment. Options for therapeutic modalities to specifically treat an individual’s trauma will be outlined. Specific skills that participants can use with their clients will be covered, and research outlining the effectiveness of treatment on this population will be explored. The afternoon session will explore treatment techniques adapted from many therapeutic approaches including Motivational Interviewing, Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and Mentalisation-Based Treatment.

The training will utilise case studies to illustrate the lived experience of individuals with personality disorders and for participants to hone their formulation and treatment planning skills with this population within the dimensional approach. Participants are encouraged to come with questions regarding their own personality disordered clients.



This online program is worth 6.5 hours CPD.



Dr Luke Hockey, MAPS, FCFP's Profile

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Receptive Psychology

Dr. Luke Hockey is an endorsed forensic psychologist with over 10 years’ experience working with individuals with personality disorders. He has worked in private practice, public and private prisons, hospitals and for not-for-profit community organisations. Luke has delivered lectures and training workshops for Deakin University, ISN Psychology College, the APS College of Forensic Psychologists, and government departments. He is passionate about working with challenging clients and providing avenues for change, as well as assisting other clinicians to develop their skills in this area. Luke currently works in private practice, treating a variety of clients, writing psycho-legal assessment reports for court and providing supervision to other mental health professionals.


  1. Develop an understanding of the categorical and dimensional approach of personality disorders and how they differ
  2. Develop an understanding of formulation using the dimensional approach
  3. Learn practical skills to use when undertaking treatment with this population
  4. Develop an understanding of the importance of the therapeutic relationship with this population
  5. Understand why, in order to effectively treat an individual with a personality disorder, clinicians must address the trauma history

“This training will focus on a new, trait-based approach to personality disorders which will broaden and deepen your understanding of challenging presentations and provide you with practical treatment skills” Dr Luke Hockey

How Will you Benefit From This Training?

  • Understand a new approach to formulating, assessing and treating individuals with personality disorders that aligns with the current literature
  • Broaden and deepen your understanding of your clients with personality disorders
  • Learn practical treatment skills that you can use with your clients 


Morning Session 

  • Overview of the 10 personality disorders from both the categorical and dimensional (trait-based) lens
  • How these personality disorders, as viewed from the trait-based perspective, relate to risky behaviours such as self-harm, substance use and offending behaviours
  • Discussion of whether personality changes over time at the trait level and how this relates to our work as clinicians

Afternoon Session

  • Treatment approaches within the trait-based lens, including brief overview of how the following modalities have been typically used to treat personality disorders: DBT, Schema Therapy and Mentalisation-Based Treatment
  • Discussion on trauma: the forms it can take, why it is so important to process it, and evidence-based therapeutic modalities that allow you to do so
  • Treatment challenges, including the manipulation of interpersonal boundaries and what to do with a client who doesn’t want to be there
  • Brief overview of the research on the effectiveness of treatment for personality disordered individuals

Target Audience

This presentation is intended for clinicians working in mental health including psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, social workers and mental health nurses The material is intended to provide an introduction to the theory and clinical practice for application following the training.



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