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The Grove Practice

We exist to help you become the best therapist you can be through our offering as a CPD centre of excellence.

In a fragmented world, we believe in the power of therapy to heal and revitalise connection - to the self, to others, and to the world around us. 

When you take one of our courses, you become part of a dedicated professional community, committed to high-quality inclusive therapy powered by self-improvement. 

Our practice-based courses are forged from decades of experience in the therapy room, designed to leave you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to broaden and deepen your practice (while enhancing your revenue). 

Training with us empowers a positive difference in the lives of the people you support. 

We have high standards for our CPD courses: the attendees expect nothing less than quality training delivered by recognised experts in their field. This way, we are fulfilling our purpose in bringing high standards of therapy or supervision into the wider profession and by improving mental health in organisations.

The Grove started running courses over 15 years ago, from a start point of being asked by colleagues to train them in our areas of expertise. Since then, we’ve trained over a thousand therapists in how to expand their scope of practice (which often brings additional revenue streams) by using some of the best models and methodologies in the profession.

 Our courses are designed as CPD for qualified professionals in the field of mental health; we welcome applications from counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists or GPs, mental health nurses, keyworkers and case workers, or managers in organisations whose remit covers mental health or areas of practitioner development for clinicians.

You can be confident because our courses are professionally accredited by organisations such as the National Council for Psychotherapy or the College of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. This means that the suitability of the tutors and course material has been quality-checked. The Grove’s background of excellence in supporting mental health for individuals, couples, and organisations, means we have a wealth of experience to draw upon in running our professional development training courses.

Many of our course attendees have received a recommendation from a friend or colleague to take our courses – as word of mouth from those who were delighted with their own experience of training with us. We are also proud that often course participants take one of the courses from our range, then return for one or two more.

Our ethos is based on relational rapport which focuses on client-centred approaches. We believe in training programmes run by attendance in person – for the embodied experiential learning with attention from the tutor.

To apply for any of our courses, please fill in our online application form here.

Self-funded applications are welcomed. After paying a deposit, the remaining fee can be paid by instalments to spread the cost. But equally, for those who are funded fully or partially by their employer or other sponsoring organisation, The Grove can invoice the course fee accordingly.


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