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Desperate couples come to you putting the future of their relationship in your hands.

…Do you have the skills to confidently navigate complicated and emotionally charged couples sessions?

Luckily for you, experts like Frank Anderson, Sue Johnson, Janina Fisher, Peter Fraenkel, and many other seasoned couples therapists do — and they're here to share their strategies with you!

In this exclusive course, these world-leading experts teach you how to fast-track healing betrayal trauma, repair trust, break toxic patterns, and resolve day-to-day relationship challenges. Diverse techniques from this acclaimed panel will put you in the driver’s seat of couples sessions.

Become the couples therapist who can...

  • Develop deeper intimacy and foster an emotional connection with somatic therapy strategies
  • Help couples develop a clear, shame-free vocabulary to talk about sexuality and sexual preferences
  • Identify how early attachment trauma feeds into “toxic” relationship patterns
  • Use EFT to build vulnerability and intimacy between partners by fostering corrective emotional experiences
  • Treat the shock of betrayal, minimize blame and shame to heal root trauma with IFS
  • Restore hope and introduce fresh perspectives on long-standing relationship problems

PLUS, learn how to help couples weather unexpected challenges, from one of the most influential couples' therapists of all time, Esther Perel!

Be the couples' therapist that gets thank you cards from couples years after therapy ends, crediting you with helping them find love, happiness, and their own unique “happily ever after.”

Healing in Couples Therapy:
New Strategies to Rebuild Trust, Overcome Trauma & Save Relationships

Usually £774.48
JUST £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 13.25 CPD (+5.25 Bonus CPD) Hours included in the course tuition.
What your colleagues are saying about this all-star course
"As always Esther Perel is a fully erotic and brilliant teacher and human being. I love being in her presence and learning from her!"
"Dr. Solomon is a leader in this area."
"I like how this Treat Betrayal Trauma session gave me a new purview on how to utilize IFS in couple's work."

What's Inside
Begin by learning strategies to help clients with intense relationship problems, then move into learning new perspectives, skills, and treatment approaches.
Repairing Trust after Betrayal Trauma
Featuring Frank Anderson, Senior Internal Family Systems trainer, and consultant, who will teach you how to apply complex PTSD interventions in couples' treatment to help partners work through the initial shock of a betrayal, minimize blame and shame, heal root trauma, and regain trust in the relationship.
  • Prevent partners from re-injuring one another in sessions
  • Create corrective emotional experiences to help partners regain trust using tailored strategies
  • Work with "parts" that get activated and triggered when helping couples navigate betrayal
  • Integrate IFS-informed trauma techniques into your couples' treatment
Frank Anderson
Strategies for Last Chance Couples
Featuring renowned couples therapist and relationship expert Peter Fraenkel, who will give you the tools to work collaboratively with reluctant partners in ways that engage their will to participate in therapy without unintentionally making them feel trapped in an unhappy future. Through video as well as role-play demonstrations, you'll learn to:
  • Restore hope when couples appear ready to give up
  • Carry out a collaborative and non-threatening first session with reluctant partners
  • Introduce fresh perspectives on problems and access clients' motivation to try new, paradigm-shifting behaviours, even if they express ambivalence about making changes
  • Offer strategies for safeguarding communication, recommitting to pleasureful activities, and reigniting passion
Peter Fraenkel
Two Approaches to Healing Trauma with Couples
Featuring Janina Fisher, pioneer of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and world-leading traumatologist, who will teach you two unique styles of intervention to deepen healing with couples struggling with the relational impacts of childhood trauma. One emphasizes harnessing the couple's ability to be emotionally authentic; the other focuses on the importance of somatic communication when creating safety and helping couples connect. Learn to:
  • Help partners identify the role of trauma in troubled relationship dynamics
  • Challenge partners to move beyond limiting stories and automatic reactions
  • Use nonverbal communication to reduce conflict and connect safely
  • Harness a couple's inherent capacity for authentic emotional connection and expression
Janina Fisher
Imago Relationship Therapy: A New Perspective
Featuring author, Certified Imago and Polyvagal-Informed therapist Hayley Hoffman, who will introduce you to a new way of viewing couples interested in effectively communicating needs and frustrations, ending destructive power struggles, and revitalizing devitalized partnerships.
  • Guide couples from power struggles to empathy with the three-step Imago Dialogue
  • Teach the challenging skill of validating a partner even when you strongly disagree
  • Support couples' connection by increasing their awareness of the "Space Between"
  • Provide your couples with simple yet powerful tools for creating safety during and after sessions
Hayley Hoffman
Step-by-Step Emotionally Focused Therapy
Featuring primary developer of EFT and bestselling author Sue Johnson, who will teach how to get couples diving into their deepest emotions to create growth and transformation.
  • Gain a new perspective on vulnerability and conflict through the lens of attachment and EFT
  • Ask evocative questions to help clients reframe and name emotions
  • Create corrective emotional experiences in session
Complete with an in-session demo!
Susan Johnson
Healing in Couples Therapy:
New Strategies to Rebuild Trust, Overcome Trauma & Save Relationships

Usually £774.48
JUST £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 13.25 CPD (+5.25 Bonus CPD) Hours included in the course tuition.
BONUS, Sessions with Esther Perel & MORE!
Usually £, FREE!
The Great Adaptation
Featuring Esther Perel, one of the most influential couples therapist of all time, who will share key clinical strategies for helping couples absorb unexpected changes and open to new unforeseen possibilities so you can help them get grounded and emotionally resourced no matter what is going on in their lives or the world around them.
  • Implement 3 strategies for helping clients adapt to ever-shifting environments
  • Help your clients clarify goals and set personalized intentions
  • Help couples access their innate resilience in the face of unforeseen circumstances
Esther Perel
Help Couples Expand Their Sexual Love Language
Featuring Joe Kort, sexologist and gay-affirming therapist, who will introduce you to new ways of helping couples and individuals for whom intercourse is off the table as a sexually desired activity but who nevertheless remain interested in deepening their erotic connection and expanding their repertoire of sexual experiences. You'll discover how to help couples:
  • Navigate sexual interactions when one partner wants intercourse and the other does not
  • Develop erotic compassion toward one another
  • Find creative and fulfilling ways to be sexual outside of and beyond penetration
  • Talk about common physical struggles with painful intercourse
Joe Kort
Navigate Breakups and New Beginnings
Featuring Alexandra Solomon, the top psychologist on modern love and dating, who will introduce you to an integrative approach for helping clients understand thoughts, feelings, and common issues that arise during a breakup as well as how to make sense of and move through intense emotions connected to loss in ways that bring clarity and peace, allowing clients to date again responsibly and intentionally, should they choose to. You'll explore:
  • Relational self-awareness as an essential meta-skill for making sense of relationship endings and new beginnings
  • How to help clients advocate for their relational needs with romantic partners
  • An integrative approach to helping clients move from fear and relational ambivalence toward empowerment and clarity
Alexandra Solomon
Healing in Couples Therapy: New Strategies to Rebuild Trust, Overcome Trauma & Save Relationships
Usually £774.48
JUST £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Frequently Asked Questions
If you've ever worked with a client going through a breakup, starting a new relationship, trying to process trauma from past relationships — or almost any other relationship problem — this course has key strategies to help you. Not only does the educational content in this course teach you how to work with couples, it also helps you support any individual client you see, no matter where they are in their healing journey.

PLUS, you'll even walk away with tips you can use in your own relationships.
Learn at your own pace and customize your learning experience to meet your immediate clinical needs. Are you seeing a client who's experienced childhood trauma that impacts their relationship? Hop into Janina Fisher's module. Are you working with a client who's experienced infidelity or other betrayal? Start with Frank Anderson's module. How about shifting your perspective and learning more about Imago therapy? Jump into your on-demand content with Hayley Hoffman.

This course will meet you wherever you are with top-notch informative content you can use tomorrow!
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Healing in Couples Therapy:
New Strategies to Rebuild Trust, Overcome Trauma & Save Relationships

Usually £774.48
JUST £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 13.25 CPD (+5.25 Bonus CPD) Hours included in the course tuition.

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