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Whether they're struggling to keep a job because they're too depressed to get out of bed — or developing an unhealthy relationship with food because they're too anxious to eat — or so stressed it's causing them debilitating physical pain…

…you can't heal the whole client if your go-to interventions overlook
nutrition, exercise, sleep, and other important factors.

Ignoring an issue (like your client's insomnia or inflammation) until you've "solved" another (their PTSD or substance misuse) means you're ignoring the conversation happening within their body — because when one system is out of balance, the other system is out of balance.

So, your strategies aren't as effective, progress takes longer, and you're stuck watching clients suffer through treatment in hope of feeling better.

That's why we've developed this unique, comprehensive course that will help you combine the power of nutritional and integrative medicine — using modalities like mindfulness, positive psychotherapy, neuroscience, CBT, and more…

…to support your clients in reaching their health goals, such as managing pain, addiction recovery, stress, anxiety reduction, and even getting a better night's sleep.

PLUS, when you complete this course, you'll be eligible to become a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional* through Evergreen Certifications. Increasing your expertise and transforming your practice has never been so easy!
*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Learn more at

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Integrative Mental Health Certification Course:

Harness the Power of Nutritional and Complementary Medicine
to Support Your Client's Whole Health
Usually £878.23 — Register today for just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn 19.25 CPD Hours (+9.25 Bonus CPD Hours)!
Click here for course objectives and outline

Traditional therapy fails many of our clients. As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional*, you can offer more.

By combining elements drawn from different techniques and modalities, this integrative therapy certification course gives you a flexible and inclusive approach to treatment that supports clients in health, awareness, and empowerment.

When you register for this practice-changing course, you'll get a roadmap for incorporating the latest research-based strategies from multiple modalities, with:
  • Unlimited, on-demand access to course materials — including videos, manuals, case examples, and exercises to use as reference resources during the learning program and beyond!
  • An exclusive BONUS bundle featuring printable worksheets to empower clients, mindfulness strategies to combat anxiety and addiction, plus non-medication interventions to restore sleep quality.
  • 19.25 CPD Hours (+9.25 Bonus CPD Hours) at no additional cost to you.
  • Eligibility to become a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional* — FOR FREE! (usually £77.99).
  • The confidence you need to safely and ethically facilitate whole healing for your clients.
*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Learn more at

Here's What Your Colleagues are Saying
About This Certification Course
"This was by far the best training I have ever taken. I am craving more and
look forward to more conversations with Colleen in the future."
— Jennifer O., Social Worker
"I loved the instructor's enthusiasm!"
— Michelle F., Nurse Practitioner
"Colleen was extremely knowledgeable and presented the content very well."
— Briana G., Counsellor
"Excellent course!!"
— Debbie H., Social Worker
Integrative Mental Health Certification Course:
Harness the Power of Nutritional and Complementary Medicine
to Support Your Client's Whole Health
Usually £878.23 — Register today for just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn 19.25 CPD Hours (+9.25 Bonus CPD Hours)!
Click here for course objectives and outline
Here's What You'll Learn
Part 1 ➔ Effective Mind-Body Techniques
Elicit the relaxation response to facilitate healing by discovering the connection between stress, impulse control, and neurotransmitters. Plus, learn how positive psychology can increase resilience to psychological stress and physical disorders.
  • Six ways to fight stress fast
  • Daily hacks to deal with depression & anxiety
  • Simple skills to break free of the vicious cycle of negative thoughts
  • Retrain the habit-prone brain because willpower isn't enough
  • "Lifestyle" practices to support resiliency
  • The stress experience and the mindbody connection
  • Strategies for eliciting the relaxation response
  • Neuroplasticity: Using the habituated brain
  • Evidenced-based practices in integrative medicine to support behaviour change
  • When and where to use mind-body approaches - inside and outside treatment
  • Six ways to fight stress fast
  • The science behind gratitude and abundance
  • Self-compassion and renewal is the key to change
  • Outline how positive psychology can increase resilience to psychological stress and physical disorders
  • Gratitude & breaking free of the vicious cycle of negative thoughts
  • How the brain forms new habits
  • The connection between stress, impulse control, and neurotransmitters
  • Why willpower isn't enough!
  • Brain-based tools for retraining the habit brain
  • Cognitive reappraisal and positive expectation to stop allostatic loading
  • Master the O.N.E. technique
  • Learn how to integrate tools into clinical practice via evidence-based techniques
  • Techniques from mindful Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Health-related benefits of contemporary meditative practices
  • The science behind mindfulness and meditation, why meditation works, and how it changes your brain
  • Teach clients to begin a daily practice to ease symptoms of depression & anxiety

Part 2 ➔ Gut, Brain & Body Strategies
From weight management to stress management. To nutritional psychiatry (don't forget food equals mood!) to exercise, sleep, and gut health, learn to translate your client's mind-body connection to control inflammation, stress, insomnia and more.
  • Printable questionnaire for clients rating their sleep habits
  • Mood-boosting exercise strategies THAT REALLY WORK
  • Tips to recognize nutritional deficiencies signs & symptoms
  • Key nutrients for pain, mood, attention & cognition
  • Inflammation and the mind-body connection
  • Acute and chronic inflammation
  • Stress, sleep, mood, nutrition
  • Identify lifestyle factors contributing to inflammation
  • The links of inflammation, to stress, disease, anxiety, and depression
  • The enteric nervous system
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • Rest and digest vs. fight or flight
  • A user's guide to the gut-brain axis
  • This axis that connects the brain, central nervous system, and the digestive tract is the basis for understanding our microbiome
  • Nutrition and links to mental and physical health
  • Clinicians in the kitchen: Nutritional involvement in mood disorders
  • Using motivational interviewing
  • Evidenced-based education on how nutrition impacts mental health
  • The role of sugar and fats on mood-related disorders
  • Chemicals and additives in food and their effect on mental and physical health
  • The link between nutrition and mental health
  • Recognize nutritional deficiencies signs and symptoms
  • Identify why food is medicine
  • Food allergens, lactose intolerance, and mood
  • Minerals & vitamins, magnesium, omega's, B vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Clinical therapies
  • Key nutrients for pain, mood, attention, and cognition
  • Prebiotics and probiotics
  • Using exercise to reduce anxiety and depression
  • Walking meditation
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Science of sleep, from weight to mood
  • Sleeping pills and supplements
  • Questionnaire for clients rating their sleep habits

Part 3 ➔ Cultural & Environmental Impacts on Health
Your clients don't live in a bubble! Help them heal and lead healthier lives, using time-tested and evidence-based strategies — even when working through recovery and toxic environments.
  • Diet-based relapse prevention strategies
  • Hormones every clinician should understand & signs they're out of whack
  • Ancient ways of eating and cooking
  • Teach clients how to create a safe, non-toxic environment
  • Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine
  • Chinese medicine, acupressure, and acupuncture
  • Ancient ways of eating and cooking
  • Movement from Tai Chi to meditation
  • Introduction to the concept of the Blue Zones & culture
  • A toxic environment — it's more than chemicals
  • Protect the brain and body from toxins in food, air, water, and environment
  • Checklist for clients
  • How toxins can harm parts of the brain and body
  • Key food groups that are involved in detoxification
  • Teach clients how to create a safe, nontoxic environment
  • Hormones every clinician should understand
  • Signs your hormones are out-of-whack
  • Develop a treatment plan to address hormonal shifts, including referrals
  • Tools to help clients recognize when and if hormones are not functioning properly
  • Steps to take when addressing with a medical provider
  • Support recovery with diet and lifestyle behaviours
  • Relapse prevention techniques and tools
  • How we feed ourselves is part of recovery
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Sugar and caffeine
  • Self-medication hypotheses
  • Nutrition impacts cravings
  • Relapse prevention
  • Normalize neurotransmitters and mood
  • Insulin, glucose, B6 & B12
  • How mindfulness and meditation promote self-care
  • Incorporating a meditative practice in recovery
  • Adopting a healthy lifestyle
  • The Natural Endocannabinoid System
  • Your brain is a cannabinoid playground
  • CBD terminology
  • Regulation
  • CBD with zero THC
  • Teas, tinctures and terpenes
  • Cautionary statements
  • Clinician's scope of practice, nature of the research, and limitations
  • Focus on safe areas to intervene and make suggestions
  • Conditions for referral
  • When to recommend, suggest & limits of liability
  • What clinicians can do with CIMHP

Usually £399.99 and 9.25 CPD Hours FREE

CPD Session
Sleep and Mental Health: Non-Medication Interventions to Restore Sleep Quality and Improve Clinical Outcomes
Featuring Catherine Darley, ND
How many of your clients have sleep issues? Or maybe the real question is — how many of your clients don't? Learn the right questions to ask to evaluate your clients' sleep problems. Plus, get the latest techniques to help them get the rest they deserve, whether you work with anxiety, depression, trauma, bipolar, or any other disorders.

CPD Session
Harnessing Mindfulness to Combat Cravings, Anxiety, and Addiction, and Habits in Mental Health Practice
Featuring Judson Brewer, MD, PhD
Addiction can be difficult to overcome, but mindfulness offers a promising step forward in treating it. In this bonus session, you'll discover why habits form and simple ways that we can break unhealthy ones ranging from smartphones to stress eating and even anxiety.

CPD Session
Rediscovering Wonder: Cultivating Awe for Health, Happiness, and Connection
Featuring Jonah Paquette, PsyD
Help your clients tap into the power of awe to create lasting, positive change in their physical and mental health. You'll get strategies to decrease stress and anxiety and increase positive emotions along with clients' compassion, curiosity, and creativity. Develop practical strategies for increasing awe in daily life to give clients a powerful personal resource to promote hope, inspiration, and well-being.

Nutritional Treatments to Improve Mental Health Disorders: Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar & ADHD
Featuring Anne Procyk, ND
Nationally-recognized naturopathic doctor, Anne Procyk, ND, has created the go-to reference for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing. Using nutrition and non-pharmaceutical interventions, Dr. Procyk presents a biology-based approach to think more holistically about assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health issues.

Integrative Mental Health Professional Certification (CIMHP)*
with Evergreen Certifications
Your first year as a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional (CIMHP)* is on us! Your registration includes your first year of certification — which is waiting for you whenever you complete this course, around your own schedule. Usually £77.99... Yours Free!
*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Learn more at
Integrative Mental Health Certification Course:
Harness the Power of Nutritional and Complementary Medicine
to Support Your Client's Whole Health
Usually £878.23 — Register today for just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn 19.25 CPD Hours (+9.25 Bonus CPD Hours)!
Click here for course objectives and outline
  • No hidden fees — PESI pays for your application fee (usually £77.99)!
  • Simply complete this seminar and the application included in this course, and your application to be a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional through Evergreen Certifications is complete.*
*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Visit for professional requirements. Attendees will receive documentation of CIMHP designation from Evergreen Certifications 4 to 6 weeks following the program. We partner with Evergreen Certifications to include certification with some of our products. When you purchase such a product, we may disclose your information to Evergreen Certifications for purposes of providing services directly to you or to contact you regarding relevant offers.

Meet Your Experts
Colleen Burns

Colleen A. Burns, LMHC, LADCI, is a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Certified Mind-Body Practitioner. She has over 20 years of experience in counselling individuals and families and is the founder of Restore Body Balance in Brookline, MA, where she guides clients as an integrative health counsellor, using tailored whole-health programs to meet the needs of each client. Ms. Burns injects emerging research into her practice, and her vast expertise and pivotal methodology of combining traditional psychotherapy with adjunct therapies allows her clients to experience the full breadth of long-lasting changes in their lives.

Click here for information about Colleen Burns.

Catherine Darley

Catherine Darley, ND, is a leader in integrative sleep medicine. She founded The Institute of Naturopathic Sleep Medicine, Inc in 2003, and since then has helped people of all ages sleep well using behavioural and naturopathic approaches for sleep disorders. Dr. Darley led the Start School Later initiative in Seattle, which succeeded in improving school hours for more than 50,000 students. She teaches at Bastyr University and the National College of Natural Medicine and is on the inaugural panel of experts for the Sleep Cycle Institute.

Click here for information about Catherine Darley.

Jud Brewer

Jud Brewer, MD, PhD, ("Dr. Jud") is a New York Times best-selling author and thought leader in the field of habit change and the "science of self-mastery," who blends over 20 years of experience with mindfulness training and a career in scientific research. As a psychiatrist and internationally known expert in mindfulness training for treating addictions, Dr. Brewer has developed and tested novel mindfulness programs for habit change, including both in-person and app-based treatments for anxiety, emotional eating, and smoking.

Click here for information about Judson Brewer.

Jonah Paquette

Jonah Paquette, PsyD, is a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, and author. He is the author of Real Happiness: Proven Paths for Contentment, Peace, and Well-Being (PESI, 2015), a research-based self-help book in which he distils the key findings in the fields of happiness and offers user-friendly tools to achieve lasting well-being. Dr. Paquette is a psychologist and Clinical Training Director for Kaiser Permanente in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he oversees the mental health training programs across four medical centres. In addition to his clinical work and writing, Dr. Paquette offers training and consultation to therapists and organizations on the promotion of happiness and regularly conducts professional workshops around the country.

Click here for information about Jonah Paquette.

Anne Procyk

Anne Procyk, ND, is a naturopathic physician practising nutritional and integrative medicine on the forefront in understanding the complex relationships between physical and mental health. She is a sought-after leading expert on integrative strategies for dealing with depression, bipolar, and ADHD. Dr. Procyk's thorough understanding of the latest research combined with her daily clinical experience give her the ability to translate voluminous and sometimes contradictory information into clear and effective strategies for real world patients.

Click here for information about Anne Procyk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional therapy is great, but we're living in a culture where clients want a little bit more than just diagnosis and treatment — they want to heal.

Integrative mental health emphasizes a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of various factors influencing mental health, such as diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, and overall health. When your treatment plans are focused on the whole picture of what's going on with your clients — you'll make more progress, faster.

In this certification course, you'll discover evidence-based techniques and tools to get symptom relief for your clients, from things like anxiety, depression, inflammation, insomnia, stress, substance misuse, and more!

It's going to take your practice to the next level!

As a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional*, you will offer a more complete and personalized approach to your clients, with the skills to teach them ways to respond to real-time biofeedback, so they get relief and can start to actually feel their body change.

The expertise you'll gain with certification will increase the effectiveness of your interventions and improve treatment outcomes.

This certification course gives you a comprehensive understanding of various modalities, including mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and other mind-body interventions, allowing you to tailor treatment plans that address not only your clients' mental health, but also their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Plus, incorporating complementary therapies into your practice can help alleviate symptoms, enhance resilience, and promote overall wellness. As a result, your clients will experience a more well-rounded and supportive therapeutic experience, leading to improved mental health, emotional balance, and a better overall quality of life.

*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Learn more at

Yes! Register now for just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive) to lock in your savings and get unlimited, on-demand access to all course materials, allowing you to continue your education — and advance your career — around your own busy schedule.

Plus, there's no rush to "cash in" on your certification. PESI will cover the cost of your first year as a Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional* (usually £77.99) whenever you're ready to add to your credentials.

*Professional and clinical experience standards apply. Learn more at

With nearly 30 hours of online video content, insightful commentary, interventions, and examples, you will have compelling new clinical strategies that you can immediately start applying in your practice! We encourage you to take the time to fully absorb everything. Watch the videos. Read the materials. Get your CPD hours!

But if you review all of the course materials and are still not satisfied, call us at 01235 847393. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Integrative Mental Health Certification Course:
Harness the Power of Nutritional and Complementary Medicine
to Support Your Client's Whole Health
Usually £878.23 — Register today for just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn 19.25 CPD Hours (+9.25 Bonus CPD Hours)!
Click here for course objectives and outline
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, call us at 01235 847393.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.

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