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Children heal when they have a safe emotional space to process their trauma, vulnerability, and pain.

But the path to healing isn't always easy...

Along the way, we hit stumbling blocks — dysregulation, unexplainable behaviours, resistance, countertransference, and navigating working with parents.

Good news... PLAY THERAPY IS THE SOLUTION. It's a proven pathway to a child's innate capacity to heal and connect with the world around them!

That's why we've gathered leading play therapy clinicians including Dan Siegel, Paris Goodyear-Brown, Clair Mellenthin, Lisa Dion, and so many more to break it all down.

Our panel of experts will show you how to skillfully integrate fun, practical, and immediately useful play therapy interventions to meet the challenges you're facing right now.

You'll feel supported as these experts teach you a dynamic skill set to:
  • Set boundaries without shaming or stopping the child's play
  • Grasp the struggles of immigrants/refugees with acculturation, grief/loss of identity, play in other cultures, assimilation for survival, and racial injustices
  • Employ guided imagery and expressive arts to elicit self-soothing and improve mood & behaviour
  • Identify warning signs of suicidal ideation in the youngest of clients
  • Utilize the healing powers of nature-based play to provide a robust and diverse environment
  • And SO much more!
Join now and discover cutting-edge strategies that support healing in your work with kids facing trauma, anxiety, attachment ruptures, suicidal ideation, and more!
The Healing Power of Play Therapy

Usually £764.29
Just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 15.25 CPD Hours (+6.75 Bonus CPD Hours)  — includes 4 free bonuses!
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From Big Behaviours to Big Trauma — The Power of Play Therapy Heals

As a therapist, are you prepared for what comes up in the playroom?

Hitting, crying, anger, resistance, frustration, guilt, shame, overwhelm, sensory overload...

Therapeutic approaches that honour the child's developmental capacity are crucial to them becoming leaders in their own healing process.

In this self-paced, play-filled online course, you'll immerse yourself in creative play-based interventions and leave more confident to:
  • Reframe trauma experiences
  • Show kids how to be detectives of their own feelings
  • Increase regulation and, most importantly, co-regulation
  • Respond to suicidal ideation in young children to keep them safe
  • Optimize brain and body development
  • Adapt relational and therapeutic approaches to a variety of neurologically diverse cultural contexts
  • And SO much more
Our goal is for you to gain a dynamic skill set to help kids achieve "MENTAL FITNESS," setting kids on a path of thriving in school, relationships, and life!
The Healing Power of Play Therapy

Usually £764.29
Just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 15.25 CPD Hours (+6.75 Bonus CPD Hours) — includes 4 free bonuses!
Click here for course objectives and outline
Course Outline
Polyvagal and Play Therapy: Inside Out Approaches for Sensory & Somatic Regulation
Dora Henderson, LMHC-S, RPT-S, CST | Click here for information about Dora Henderson

Join child and family trauma expert, and play therapy supervisor, Dora Henderson, in this experiential, interactive workshop to teach kids how to regulate their nervous systems. This innovative integration of Play Therapy and the Polyvagal theory provides a unique avenue to teach children how to recognize their bodily nervous system states, make friends with their senses, and bring more awareness to shifting states, cues of danger, big emotions, and more!

The Role of Interoceptive Awareness in Play Therapy for Self-Regulation
Dan Siegel, MD | Click here for information about Daniel J. Siegel

Join Dr. Daniel J Siegel, world-renowned neuropsychiatrist, for this immersive presentation where he breaks down the neuroscience of interoceptive awareness — the gateway for insight, empathy, compassion, and self-regulation cultivated in play therapy.

Drawing from his social-emotional learning framework, NowMaps, Dr. Siegel shares concrete tools to teach kids in play therapy.

Play Therapy and Suicidal Ideation: Practical Tools to Reduce Stress & Anxiety in Young Clients
Heather Fairlee Denbrough, LICSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Heather Fairlee Denbrough

Join Heather Fairless Denbrough, who specializes in suicidal ideation, as she shares the indicators of and practical tools you need now to feel competent and confident in your ability to...
  • Apply play themes in session to assess suicidal risk
  • Ask questions in developmentally appropriate ways
  • Develop a safety plan if needed
  • And more!
Learn practical tools to increase a child's ability to manage anxiety and stress in a healthy way and discover a tool Heather developed to help even very young children understand and manage stress.

Diversity Awareness in Play Therapy: Working with Immigrant and Refugee Clients
Liliana Baylon, LMFT-S, RPT-S | Click here for information about Liliana Baylon

There's a misconception in our field when it comes to working with the immigrant and refugee population... workshops often label them as BIPOC without understanding the different struggles they experience.

In this play therapy session, you'll discover various play therapy techniques to help this population of immigrants and refugees foster cultural opportunities. Join Liliana Baylon to learn immigrant/refugee concerns and the struggles with acculturation, grief/loss of identity, culture broker role, play in other cultures, assimilation for survival, and racial injustices. This is a must-see session!

Parents as Partners in TraumaPlay™: Growing Safe Bosses, Nurturers, and Storykeepers
Paris Goodyear-Brown, LCSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Paris Goodyear-Brown

Many professionals are comfortable working one-on-one with children but may feel overwhelmed when faced with how to involve caregivers in the treatment process. TraumaPlay™ offers tools for connecting caregivers more effectively to the play therapy process while triaging the needs of the parent alongside the needs of the child.

In this session, you'll discover pathways for expanding caregiving capacities that include...

  • Playful psychoeducation
  • Coaching coregulation skills
  • Managing negative activation
  • Facilitating delighting-in moments
  • Offering reflective attachment work
  • Co-creating coherent family narratives

LEGO®, Pop Culture, Sandtray, & Expressive Arts: Tools to Increase Engagement, Flexibility & Gain Greater Emotional Awareness in Young Clients
Sophia Ansari, LPCC, RPT | Click here for information about Sophia Ansari

Sophia Ansari, an expert in incorporating pop culture and video games in therapy, will demonstrate playful and creative exercises using LEGO®, video games, pop culture, sandtray, and the expressive arts for a deeper understanding of how positive play therapy approaches can lead to greater well-being far beyond the playroom by building resilience, boosting happiness, improving relationships, and more!

Culturally Sensitive Approaches to Play Therapy
Alvin Bonds, NCC, ACS, RPT-S, LMFT, LPC/MHSP-AS | Click here for information about Alvin Bonds, II

Through the lens of Relational-Cultural Theory, this presentation will show you the dangers of not addressing culture within the playroom while providing you with concrete examples of ways to leverage the therapeutic relationship to provide culturally-sensitive play therapy interventions with children.

Interoceptive Awareness in the Playroom: Setting the Stage for Successful Coregulation
Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S | Click here for information about Lisa Dion

Without the development and strengthening of the interoceptive sense, a child may have regulation knowledge and tools but will not be able to read their own body cues to know when to use any of them.

This playful workshop is designed to help you learn what the interoceptive sense is and how to use play to develop interoception in their child clients to set the stage for successful regulation and co-regulation. You'll have fun experientially exploring this fundamental part of the sensory system.

Nature-Based Play Therapy: A Multi-Sensory Experience to Treat Trauma & Promote Resilience in Kids
Janet Courtney, PhD, LCSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Janet Courtney

In this workshop, you'll explore ways nature's elements such as clay, stones, flowers, and feathers can be utilized to address traumatic histories and enhance inner resilience within indoor and outdoor settings and in individual child, family, and group sessions.

Exploring nature with children helps to...

  • Increase focus and reduce stress
  • Enhance creativity, problem-solving, and boundary setting
  • Exhibit more cooperativeness and self-discipline
  • Decrease anxiety, depression, and behaviour problems

Guided Imagery & Expressive Arts: Tools to Create Safety, Self Sooth, & Improve Mood & Behavior in Young Clients
Clair Mellenthin, LCSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Clair Mellenthin
Tammi Van Hollander, LCSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Tammi Van Hollander

Guided Imagery is a powerful tool in your play therapy toolbox to enhance body awareness, calm internal chaos, and manage big behaviours.

Join Clair Mellenthin and Tammi Van Hollander as they share their favourite scripts and guided imagery process to show you how garnering the power of imagination and creativity will:

  • Build safety in the relationship and playroom
  • Promote self-soothing and co-regulation
  • Enhance coping strategies to more effectively deal with stress and trauma symptoms
The Healing Power of Play Therapy

Usually £764.29
Just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 15.25 CPD Hours (+6.75 Bonus CPD Hours) — includes 4 free bonuses!
Click here for course objectives and outline
Plus, when you register today, you'll receive 4 BONUS CPD sessions
(Usually £215.99)
Techniques to Repair LGBTQIA+ Child-Parent Connection: Internal Family Systems, Play Therapy and Sand Tray to Enhance Stability in Families
Carmen Jimenez Pride, LCSW, RPT-S | Click here for information about Carmen Jimenez-Pride

Through IFS, play therapy, and sand tray skills, you'll be able to:
  • Assist parents in exploring their parts and gaining an understanding of the child's parts
  • Help parents understand how their prewritten narratives and extreme feelings of grief, loss, and fear can affect their parenting and harm their child
At the end of this recording, you'll leave with therapeutic interventions that encourage a healthy dialogue, reestablish a strong family core, and renew stable family structures.

The Power of EMDR for Children with Traumatic and Adverse Experiences
Anna Gomez, MC, LPC | Click here for information about Ana Gomez

This recording will address how EMDR therapy can be organized to meet the developmental demands of children as well as inner structures formed in response to adversity and trauma.

Explore the differences in the use of EMDR therapy with complex vs. single incident trauma in children. As well as what elements may need to be incorporated within a comprehensive EMDR treatment with children with histories of developmental and chronic trauma in comparison to the work with children with simple traumatic stress.

Boundaries in the Playroom with Dysregulated Children
Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S | Click here for information about Lisa Dion

Join Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, international teacher and creator of Synergetic Play Therapy, as she shares the important steps for boundary setting in play therapy...
  • Perceived threats/challenges
  • Becoming the external regulator to support a child
  • Tips for emotional flooding
  • Redirecting with action and words
  • And more!

The Misattuned Family
Dafna Lender, LCSW | Click here for information about Dafna Lender

This recording offers an approach that focuses on the physiologic, nonverbal connection between the parent and child to improve the relationship. Using two attachment-based modalities — Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, and Theraplay — learn how to enhance regulation, connection, and joy between parents and children as well as guide parents to do reparative work around family trauma. Discover how to...
  • Get to the heart of a child's deeper thoughts, feelings, wishes, and beliefs without relying on the child's ability to verbalize feelings
  • Facilitate active dialogue between parents and children that's both safe and gets to their core issues
  • Practice scenarios for optimal arousal, affect regulation, and de-escalating child-parent dysregulation
  • Learn gentle ways to intervene and redirect a misattuned or critical parent
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The Healing Power of Play Therapy

Usually £764.29
Just £229.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 15.25 CPD Hours (+6.75 Bonus CPD Hours) — includes 4 free bonuses!
Click here for course objectives and outline

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