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Leading trauma experts including Bessel van der Kolk, Janina Fisher, and more have long known that trauma is stored in the body…

But… many clinicians have been baffled by how to directly access and release body-based trauma.

That's why we're offering this groundbreaking course that gives you the power to master somatic therapy techniques AND become certified to treat complex trauma!

This innovative course creates a clear pathway to blend movement, breathing, visualization, Somatic Experiencing™ skills, Hakomi, Polyvagal, and other techniques to transform trauma into meaning and growth.

You'll join the foremost experts in somatic healing Abi Blakeslee, Arielle Schwartz, Janina Fisher, and more to learn through real demonstrations, didactic lectures, handouts, and worksheets how to:
  • Confidently do a therapy session start to finish with customized somatic techniques
  • Let therapy be client-led while knowing what to help clients focus on next
  • Tune in and respond to subtle cues to quickly target stuck trauma and emotions
  • Repair early attachment wounds and implicit memories without asking clients to relive trauma
  • Create rapid healing with easy-to-implement neurobiologically and emotion-focused techniques

BONUS! We'll cover the cost of your Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II: Complex Trauma* certification! And, you'll get a free CPD session on how to transform your clients through affective processing.

Be a part of the evolution of trauma healing and set yourself apart by becoming a Somatic Therapy expert, certified to treat complex trauma!

Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification

Usually £1,598.95
£249.98 (VAT Inclusive), STUNNING SAVINGS!
Plus, earn 37.25 CPD Hours (+ 7 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.
Here's what your colleagues are saying…
"Dr. Fisher has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is expanding my understanding and treatment options for trauma clients."
— Carol M., Counsellor
"Fantastic course and learned a lot about conceptualizing trauma symptoms, esp. disassociation."
— Corey C., LMFT
"Extremely useful information for personal and professional growth."
— Tana B., Social Worker

Here's What You'll Learn
Begin by enhancing your knowledge on complex trauma treatment interventions. Then, learn customizable somatic techniques through real in-session footage. Combine everything you've learned with a deeper understanding of neurobiological principles that helps you quickly target stuck areas.

Arielle Schwartz
The Complete Complex PTSD Clinical Workshop with Arielle Schwartz
Develop a deeper background in complex trauma treatment by joining Arielle to learn practical tools that facilitate a strength-based approach to trauma recovery and increased resilience in clients. You'll learn how to:
  • Do rapid assessments, screens, and make accurate diagnoses
  • Apply concepts from neuroplasticity and new research immediately
  • Help clients tolerate disturbing sensations, memories, and strong emotions to process trauma
  • Blend interventions from in-demand modalities like CBT, EMDR, CBT, Parts Work, & more
  • Implement mind-body experiential interventions to create awareness bodily awareness and acceptance
  • Foster resilience and post-trauma growth to keep clients moving forward after therapy has ended
  • Protect yourself against vicarious trauma and burnout

Abi Blakeslee
Somatic Healing Step-by-Step: In-Session Demonstrations with Abi Blakeslee
Take the next step in your trauma treatment by learning grounding-breaking somatic therapy techniques from expert healer and renowned somatic therapist, Abi Blakeslee. Get somatic content to...
  • Implement 9 key nervous system regulation strategies to prepare clients for therapy and help them ground
  • Avoid "talk therapy" and directly access painful memories to facilitate rapid trauma processing
  • Use Polyvagal exercises to soothe the flight-fight response and process survival trauma
  • Repair attachment wounds and create heightened therapist-client attunement
  • Overcome the challenges of working with dissociation through movement, breathwork, visualizations, and more
PLUS, you're learning through real sessions with step-by-step breakdowns of exactly what is happening for the therapist and the client!

Janina Fisher
A Neurobiologically-Informed Approach for Fast Trauma Treatment
with Janina Fisher
Bring together all the education you've learned and blend it with Janina's seminal work on treating the neurobiological "living legacy" of trauma. You'll learn how to...
  • Develop a framework for 3-phase short-term trauma treatment
  • Disempower survival responses to process trauma in a single session
  • Calm nervous system dysregulation so you can keep clients focused
Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification
Usually £1,598.95
£249.98 (VAT Inclusive), STUNNING SAVINGS!
Plus, earn 37.25 CPD Hours (+ 7 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.

BONUS! £389.99, absolutely FREE!
Raja Selvam
Emotion-Focused Somatic Techniques for Rapid Healing with Raja Selvam
Dr. Selvam has created a science-backed integrative framework to learn and apply key somatic techniques to help clients increase their window of tolerance so they can process difficult emotions and trauma, especially complex trauma. Drawing upon research in affective and cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and body-based psychotherapy, Raja will teach you how to...
  • Help your clients stay curious and regulated in the face of overwhelming emotions
  • Build tolerance for tough emotions so you can do deeper processing of trauma and emotions
  • Improve your own capacity for embodied emotional attunement with clients
  • Enhance mindfulness and spiritual practices by embodying emotions
…All the while shortening treatment times in all other modalities you're already using!

free certification
FREE Certification
That's right, we're covering the cost of your Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II: Complex Trauma* (CCTP-II) certification. Set yourself apart and let it be known to clients, colleagues, and employers that you've gone above and beyond in your education. Hang your new certification on the wall of your office and add it to your resume! This course does meet all the prerequisite requirements for CCTP.
*Professional and clinical standards apply.. Learn more at

Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification
Usually £1,598.95
£249.98 (VAT Inclusive), STUNNING SAVINGS!
Plus, earn 37.25 CPD Hours (+ 7 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.
Meet Your Somatic Therapy Experts
Abi Blakeslee, SEP, CMT, MFT, PhD, integrates Somatic Experiencing (SE) with clinical research, the psychobiological principles of attachment, psychodynamic therapy, and somatic bodywork in her practice and teaching. She has conducted original research on the role of implicit memory in healing trauma with a committee that included Dr. Daniel Siegel and has trained extensively with Dr. Peter Levine. Dr. Blakeslee holds a Master of Arts in Counseling and Depth Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical and Somatic Psychology. She is the founder of Implicit Psychotherapy and teaches Somatic Psychology programs throughout the country and internationally, and consults worldwide.

Click here for information about Abi Blakeslee
Arielle Schwartz, PhD, CCTP-II, E-RYT, is an accomplished clinical psychologist, internationally sought-after speaker, and leading traumatologist who guides therapists in the application of EMDR, somatic psychology, parts work therapy, and mindfulness-based interventions for the treatment of trauma and complex trauma. She has a succinct way of speaking about very complex topics, making them accessible and engaging. She is the author of six books based upon her integrative, mind-body approach to trauma recovery, her unique blend of spirituality and science can be found in her writings and exceptional clinical training.

Click here for information about Arielle Schwartz
Janina Fisher, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and former instructor at The Trauma Center, a research and treatment center founded by Bessel van der Kolk. Known as an expert on the treatment of trauma, Dr. Fisher has also been treating individuals, couples, and families since 1980. She is the past president of the New England Society for the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, an EMDR International Association Credit Provider, Assistant Educational Director of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, and a former Instructor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Fisher lectures and teaches nationally and internationally on topics related to the integration of neurobiological research and newer trauma treatment paradigms into traditional therapeutic modalities.

Click here for information about Janina Fisher
Raja Selvam, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist, is the developer of Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) of which the practice of embodying emotions is the core clinical strategy. Dr. Selvam is also a senior trainer in Dr. Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing (SE) Professional Trauma Training Program. He has taught for twenty-five years in nearly as many countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and the Far East. His successful 2022 book The Practice of Embodying Emotions: A Method for Improving Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Outcomes, available in English and German, is currently being translated into eight additional languages.

Click here for information about Raja Selvam
Frequently Asked Questions

So many therapists have avoided using somatic therapies in their practice because of one simple obstacles… how do you do somatic therapy? This course is the solution — you'll learn exactly how to implement somatic techniques in session through demonstrations with clinical commentary. You'll walk away from this course being able to structure a somatic therapy session from start to finish, as well as incorporate foundational techniques in everyday therapy sessions to keep your clients grounded, processing emotions, prevent emotional overwhelm, and more. PLUS, somatic techniques help you to be more aware of yourself as the clinician, tune into client's subtle movements and changes more closely and develop a deep rapport.

The education you need in somatic therapy is finally here! Register now!
We're making it easier for you to get expert content with certification costs included. Just three easy steps to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II: Complex Trauma* (CCTP-II)!

Step 1: Watch this online course.
Step 2: Complete the CPD tests and instantly print your certificates of completion.
Step 3: Submit the Certification Application included in this course, and your application is complete.*

That's it! No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.
*Professional and clinical standards apply. apply. Learn more at
A lot! When you add "CCTP-II" after your name it means you've taken the time to get elevated education and content in treating vulnerable clients with the most cutting-edge, evidence-based interventions available. A mental health professional who is certified to treat trauma stands out to employers and clients alike — which can help you increase your clientele, be more selective about which populations you serve, and step into new opportunities.

Listen to your colleague Jack, LPC, NCC, CCTP-II: "Certification has really boosted my clientele. Now, I have a full practice with an extensive waiting list because of it."

And Shashi D.: "…the course and certification process reinforced my knowledge and credibility as a trauma professional."

Best of all…

How much is the trauma certification? you ask… FREE! When you register for this course, your £189.98 certification fees are included at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Sign up now!
Yes! The evidence-base of somatic therapies continues to evolve and develop over time. While the intricacies of somatic therapies are not as easy to measure as cognitive-based therapies, somatic techniques have increasingly proven their ability to successfully facilitate in the treatment of — depression, anxiety, PTSD, attachment wounds, and other chronic conditions. Some practitioners have shied away from somatic therapies due to a lack of practical knowledge on how to implement techniques that are body-based or might involve touch. This course is specifically designed to give you the skills to overcome these challenges so that you can practice somatic therapies with confidence and competence — you'll expand your scope of practice and be able to adhere to ethical guidelines.
Immediately! Once you register for this course you'll have access to all course materials including printable worksheets, slides, screens, assessments, videos, demonstrations, and more

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Register for this intensive course without risk. If you're not completely satisfied, call us at 01235 847393.

We’re that confident you'll find this learning experience to be all that's promised and more than you expected.
Somatic Therapy for Complex Trauma Certification
Usually £1,598.95
£249.98 (VAT Inclusive), STUNNING SAVINGS!
Plus, earn 37.25 CPD Hours (+ 7 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.

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