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Become fully confident in your work with modern relationships and couples
Join Dr. Tammy Nelson, Master-Level Therapist and founder of The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute

Usually £1,844.99
Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!


Now, you can become a Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT) through this world-class certification programme AND be part of my dedicated referral network!

Register today and you’ll get access to uniquely tailored instruction and real in-session demonstrations, so you’ll be fully equipped to work with:

  • ✔ Trauma and attachment wounds
  • ✔ Sex and intimacy
  • ✔ The grieving process that's bound to come up in relationships
  • ✔ Affairs and betrayal trauma
  • ✔ Polyamory and non-monogamy
  • ✔ And much more!

And since IRT incorporates the latest research and interventions from today's most powerful approaches (including Gottman Method, IFS Therapy, Imago relationship therapy, and Emotionally Focused Therapy)… you can be confident you're providing the best possible care.

And as part of this programme, you'll get access to exclusive consultation groups where you'll present your real cases and get live access to help from me and my expert trainers.

Sign up today to become a recognised relationship expert who's truly on the cutting-edge of therapy — and part of my dedicated referral group!

- Tammy Nelson, PhD

Integrative Relationship Therapy Certification Training with Tammy Nelson, PhD

Usually £1,844.99Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 35.25 CPD hours!
See what leading therapy innovators are saying about
Tammy Nelson's groundbreaking work!
"At a time when life can feel so murky and chaotic, along comes Tammy Nelson with
guidance that is crisp and clear as it is hopeful and realistic."
Esther Perel, NYT bestselling author and world-renowned expert on working with relationships
"Tammy Nelson is a master therapist who can help you find hope and opportunity, even in the multiple crises caused by an affair."
Gina Ogden, PhD, LMFT, author of The Return of Desire and The Heart & Soul of Sex
"I can think of no better guide to lead couples through the journey of intimacy than Tammy Nelson."
Ian Kerner, PhD, sex therapist and New York Times bestselling author of She Comes First
"The New Monogamy sets Tammy Nelson apart from many other therapists. She doesn't believe affairs simply involve a pathetic victim and an arrogant perpetrator―and that's why she can actually help couples navigate this difficult challenge."
Marty Klein, PhD, author of Sexual Intelligence
"Many clinicians refer out for sex therapy, but Tammy Nelson provides wonderful resources that will help all clinicians feel better prepared to address sex, sexuality and pleasure with clients. She is a gift to our field, she is a pioneer in the work of understanding couple sexuality and ethical non-monogamy."
Brittany Edge, Family Therapist

Integrative Relationship Therapy Certification Training with Tammy Nelson, PhD

Usually £1,844.99Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 35.25 CPD hours!
As a Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT), you'll be a recognised expert in working with couples and relationships!
Course Schedule

Join Tammy Nelson for this exclusive programme that's the culmination of her 35+ years of clinical work with relationships and intimacy.

You'll get instant access to five engaging modules that are specifically designed to equip you with a start-to-finish approach you can use right away with your clients.

First, you'll master the three, easy-to-follow stages of the IRT framework that serve as a roadmap you can rely on again and again, when dealing with relationship conflict.

Then you'll dive deep into navigating the complex challenges of today's relationships, including: working with sex, trauma, affairs, redefined definitions of monogamy, power struggles, and more.

Plus, you'll get access to free bonus resources, including e-books, meditation videos, handouts, and clinical exercises.

Module 1: Essentials of the Integrative Relationship Therapy Approach

This module provides everything you need to know to embark on your journey to become a Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT).

First, you'll discover the core tenets of IRT and how to identify the most common barriers to healthy relationships. Next, Tammy will reveal the treatment approaches she's found are pivotal to successful relationship therapy and will teach you how to effectively integrate these models into a singular treatment approach.

Finally, you will learn a 10-session model of IRT that shows you exactly how to apply today's most powerful interventions that lead to successful treatment.

Skill-building opportunities in this module include:

  • ✔ How to develop an effective treatment plan
  • ✔ How to overcome communication problems
  • ✔ How to navigate the cycle of intimate relationships
  • ✔ How to define treatment success
  • ✔ How to overcome common barriers to healthy relationships
  • ✔ How to understand and work with different intimacy types
  • ✔ How to integrate popular approaches including IFS Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gottman Technique, Imago, and other approaches into your couples work
  • ✔ How to incorporate sexuality into treatment
  • ✔ View a session-by-session Guide to IRT
Module 2: Healing from Affairs: Moving Past the Trauma of Betrayal and Infidelity

In this module, you'll be equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills you need to move beyond the outdated victim/perpetrator model, so you can confidently guide your clients through the intense feelings of anger, guilt, shame, disconnection, and mistrust.

Join Tammy for step-by-step guidance through videos and case examples that illustrate the varieties of affairs — and provide ways you can offer healing and erotic recovery.

Skill-building opportunities in this module include:

  • ✔ Discover the three stages of recovery that lead to long-term healing
  • ✔ Develop a step-by-step approach for restoring trust in relationships
  • ✔ Master specific skills for managing countertransference, issues of morality, and therapist triggers
  • ✔ Learn key building blocks to overcome attachment trauma and restore emotional and physical intimacy
  • ✔ Access expert guidance to help determine if it's better for the partners to stay or split
  • ✔ Case demonstration: The three stages of affair recovery treatment
  • ✔ Case demonstration: Creating long-term sustainable relationship agreements
Module 3: Treating Trauma with the Integrative Relationship Therapy Approach

This module will fully prepare you with specific skills for working with the most common types of trauma. You'll also discover how to navigate challenges around intimacy, sexuality, and pleasure — so can confidently navigate the complex challenges that often arise when working with relationships.

Skill-building opportunities in this module include:

  • ✔ Identify the most common causes of trauma
  • ✔ Understand the impact of trauma on the therapist
  • ✔ Learn the most frequently missed trauma symptoms
  • ✔ Understand (and avoid) trauma triangulation
  • ✔ Incorporate special considerations for childhood trauma
  • ✔ Understand responses to trauma: from suicide to resilience
  • ✔ Navigate trauma and sexuality
  • ✔ Discover special considerations for intergenerational trauma and systemic racism
  • ✔ Gain an effective roadmap for successful recovery
  • ✔ View a session-by-session deconstruction of Dissociative Identity Disorder case
Module 4: Integrative Relationship Therapy and Monogamy Issues in Treatment

Discover a unique approach to working with monogamy and divorce and learn how to help your clients navigate everything from identifying the dilemma in their relationship to moving beyond betrayal. Then you'll get insights about how to help clients decide if their relationship can shift into a new partnership, either as co-parents, friends or healthy exes.

Skill-building opportunities in this module include:

  • ✔ Understand the evolution of marriage and divorce
  • ✔ Learn to work with Polyamory, Monogamy and Non-Monogamy
  • ✔ Define open monogamy and help clients create new agreements
  • ✔ Develop strategies for improving communication among partners
  • ✔ How to talk through implications of separation: from changing finances to changing identity
  • ✔ How to help partners create a new vision for their future
  • ✔ Case Demonstration: How to intervene in the first session
  • ✔ Case Demonstration: Watching the narrative and identifying the dilemma
  • ✔ Case Demonstration: Interventions for creating a new monogamy agreement
Module 5: Integrative Relationship Therapy and The Future: Interventions for Contemporary Psychotherapy

In the final module, you'll get insight into some of the most compelling topics in modern couple's therapy. Explore the rapidly developing world of sex, relationship technology, and the future of sex and learn to confidently work across the spectrums of gender, sexuality, and relationships.

Plus, you'll get insight into one of the most cutting-edge developments in couples therapy — psychedelics.

Skill-building opportunities in this module include:

  • ✔ Develop skills to work with endings: From divorce to death
  • ✔ Learn to navigate when technology joins the relationship
  • ✔ Discover the highs and lows of relationship with robots
  • ✔ Learn to work from some of today's complex issues: from reproductive rights and Post-Roe Abortion to Trans rights and Don't Say Gay
  • ✔ Discover how to work with couples around sexual desire
  • ✔ Access a step-by-step guide to Erotic Recovery that works for most relationships
  • ✔ Develop processes to create an Erotic Vision plan for couples therapy
  • ✔ Case Demonstration: Using IRT with a same-sex couple struggling with their sex life
Live Monthly Consultation Groups

Join Tammy Nelson and her training faculty for exclusive 2-hour consultation groups. You'll be able to present your cases and get expert guidance, as well as share ideas and feedback with your colleagues. With multiple sessions occurring throughout the year, you'll be able to choose the opportunities that work best for your schedule.

Once you're certified, you'll have the opportunity to be added to Tammy Nelson's referral list of dedicated C-IRT clinicians, so you can expand your practice as an expert relationship healer!

Integrative Relationship Therapy Certification Training with Tammy Nelson, PhD

Usually £1,844.99Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 35.25 CPD hours!
Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT)

NATC BadgeThe future of psychotherapy depends on clinical professionals who can effectively work with intimate relationships.

As a Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT) through The Integrative Sex Therapy Institute and Evergreen Certifications, you'll be able to demonstrate your advanced skills and knowledge in working with couples and relationship challenges.

When you complete this programme, you'll be awarded your printable C-IRT certification to display to your clients and colleagues.

Check out the glowing review from your colleagues on what certification has meant for their practices:

"The certifications have provided me with career opportunities I never thought I could achieve."
— Stephanie, Counsellor

"Certification has really boosted my clientele. Now, I have a full practice with an extensive waiting list."
— Jack, Counsellor

"Evergreen Certifications has changed my life by allowing me to be recognized for my work, knowledge, and expertise."
— Liliana, Psychotherapist

In just four easy steps, you can become a Certified Integrative Relationship Therapy Professional (C-IRT).

Step 1: Watch the online course.
Step 2: Complete the CPD quizzes and instantly print your CPD certificates.
Step 3: Take part in three consultation groups with Tammy Nelson and her relationship experts.
Step 4: Submit the Certification Questionnaire and required documents, and your application is complete.*

That's it! No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.

*Professional standards and consultation requirements apply. Learn more at

We partner with Evergreen Certifications to include certification with some of our products. When you purchase such a product, we may disclose your information to Evergreen Certifications for purposes of providing services directly to you or to contact you regarding relevant offers. Evergreen Certifications is owned by PESI, Inc.

Meet Your Course Teacher and Guide
Tammy Nelson

Tammy Nelson, PhD, is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice, a relationship expert and international speaker, an author, a faculty member and teacher with a Doctorate in Philosophy in Clinical Sexology. She is a Board Certified Sexologist, a Diplomate of the American Board of Sexologists, a Licensed Professional Counselor, an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist, a Registered Art Therapist, a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, a Certified Imago Relationship therapist and an Advanced Imago Clinician as well as an ISTI Certified Sex and Couples Therapist.

Dr. Tammy is the author of six books including Open Monogamy: A Guide to Co-Creating Your Ideal Relationship Agreement (2021), Integrative Sex & Couples Therapy: A Therapist's Guide to New and Innovative Approaches (2020), When You're the One Who Cheats, Ten Things You Need to Know ( 2018), The New Monogamy: Redefining Your Relationship After Infidelity (2013), Getting the Sex You Want: Shed Your Inhibitions and Reach New Heights of Passion Together (2008), and What's Eating You?: A Workbook for Anorexia and Bulimia (2004). She is also creator of Date Night Card Deck (2023), a TEDx speaker, host of the podcast "The Trouble with Sex," and founder and Executive Director of the Integrative Sex Therapy Institute.

Click here for information about Tammy Nelson.
Frequently Asked Questions

To be effective with relationships, you need to have the right skills and understanding, or you'll end up feeling frustrated and lost.

This is your opportunity to sit alongside a true master on this topic and learn exactly what to do and say in every step of the therapy process.

You'll get access to comprehensive instruction and walk away with a complete framework for you to use right away with your cases.

Plus, this programme includes real in-session demonstrations, so you're prepared for the nuances and complexity of even the most challenging cases.

If you're ready to become a true expert in working with couples and relationships, this course is for you!

Immediately! You can get started with this programme as soon as you register.

Your access to this course is unlimited for as long as you have your account.

The live calls are scheduled approximately once a month. Within your course tab you will have the option to select the date that works best for you.

No! If you're working with intimate relationships, whether with an individual or both partners, you'll learn important insight and skills you can use right away in your practice.

Yes! This course was developed to be compatible with some of the most popular relationship approaches available today, including IFS Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago Therapy, and more.

Integrative Relationship Therapy Certification Training with Tammy Nelson, PhD

Usually £1,844.99Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 35.25 CPD hours!
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Integrative Relationship Therapy Certification Training with Tammy Nelson, PhD

Usually £1,844.99Register today for just £469.99 (VAT Inclusive)!
Plus, earn up to 35.25 CPD hours!

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