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No matter what you treat, loss is a universal experience impacting each of your clients...

Failed by a culture fixated on quick fixes and a rush to return to normalcy, many are feeling abandoned, broken, and lost.

And as traditional ways of seeing grief — that it only affects those who have lost a loved one to death — become increasingly outdated... You need the latest clinical tools and guidance to become an invaluable resource to help your clients during their healing journey.

Join world-renowned experts Megan Devine, Claire Bidwell Smith, Litsa Williams, and 5 of our most requested presenters — who have already instructed tens of thousands of professionals like you — for the ultimate online experience for professionals guiding clients through the grieving process.

Accessible from anywhere, Certified Grief Informed Professional Course incorporates evidence-based tools, proven strategies, and access to a wealth of resources, making it the perfect platform to enhance your skills and gain new techniques and insights so you can make a real difference in the lives of your clients.
Certified Grief Informed Professional Course

Usually £709.72
Just £299.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Stunning Savings!
Earn 13.25 CPD Hours (+6.5 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.
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Your Grief Informed Professional Certification (usually £77.99) is included in your tuition.*

When you register, not only do you get a world-class education from the names leading the way toward the best care for today's clients...'ll also get a FREE certification package, complete with an additional 6 hours of on-demand content led by one of PESI's most in-demand presenters, Tiffani Dilworth, LCPC.

Full of skills, techniques, and step-by-step guidance on individualizing counselling and treatment you'll get:
  • Easy-to-use tools for identifying grief types and presentations
  • Assessments for grief intensity, suicidality, depression, and more
  • A guide to working with grieving clients of diverse cultures and beliefs
  • Counselling and treatment approaches for clients across the lifespan
  • Creative tools to promote emotional regulation, build connection, and support adaptation to loss

BEST OF ALL, this package makes it easy to become a Certified Grief Informed Professional. Just complete the on-demand bonus session and follow the simple instructions that follow.

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Certified Grief Informed Professional Course

Usually £709.72
Just £299.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Stunning Savings!
FREE BONUS! Your Grief Informed Professional Certification (usually £77.99) is included in your tuition.*
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Healing Tools and Techniques
Megan Devine, LPC
Non-Death Losses: How the Grief We Don't Call Grief Applies to Every Client
Megan Devine, LPC | Click here for information about Megan Devine

Most people think grief only relates to death. As such, so many people discount and judge their loss experiences as "no big deal." But now more than ever, clinicians are discovering that the grief inherent in daily life has a huge impact on our clients, regardless of why they're seeking support or treatment. In this session, the best-selling author of the groundbreaking book It's OK You're Not Ok will show you how to recognize grief unrelated to death, change the culture about how we view these non-death losses, and give you clinical solutions for improving support and connection.

Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC
Ambiguous Loss in Narcissistic Relationships: Clinical Skills to Process the Unresolved Grief of Estrangement
Amy Marlow-MaCoy, LPC | Click here for information about Amy Marlow-MaCoy

Grief and loss hit clients recovering from narcissistic abuse on multiple levels. From grieving a childhood of abuse and neglect to mourning the loss of the rosy-coloured glasses that allowed victims to stay in a cycle of abuse — grief echoes through all corners of the adult child of a narcissist's life. In this session, you'll join narcissistic abuse expert and best-selling author, Amy Marlow-MacCoy, LPC, as she gives you the skills and tools you need to recognize grief in a client's anger, help them identify the losses of the past, present, and future, and come to terms with the ambiguity of grieving a person or relationship that may never be peacefully resolved.

Dr Julie Bindeman, PsyD
That Didn't Go as Planned: The Grief Around Reproductive Challenges
Dr Julie Bindeman, PsyD | Click here for information about Julie Bindeman

Pregnancy loss, reproductive challenges such as infertility, birth trauma, or the experience of a perinatal mental health disorder leave millions of people each year feeling "this wasn't supposed to be this way." Left to sort through the resulting grief that's seldomly validated by society, they can find themselves in your office looking to make sense of it all and find a way forward. In this session, you'll join expert Dr. Julie Bindeman as she shows you how you can validate these clients' losses and help them cope with practical strategies you can start using immediately in your practice.

Tiffani Dilworth, LPC, CAGCS, FT
The Unseen Losses of Sexual Violence: TF-CBT and Grief Work to Restore Clients Sense of Hope, Self-Acceptance and More
Tiffani Dilworth, LPC, CAGCS, FT | Click here for information about Tiffani Dilworth

Survivors of sexual assault have lost so much. Their sense of safety, trust, and control have been robbed from them. Their very sense of identity taken as they grieve for the person they were, and the person they might have been had "that" not happened. Whether your clients' pain is fresh or decades old, this session will show you how to incorporate grief work into your treatment to help survivors come to terms with what happened, overcome the guilt that can cohabitate with grief, regain their sense of control, and heal.

Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC
Mother Loss: Interventions for Clients with Relationships from Unbreakable to Fractured
Claire Bidwell Smith, LCPC | Click here for information about Claire Bidwell Smith

From clients who've lost the biggest source of support in their lives, to those with broken maternal bonding from neglect, abuse, or abandonment — mother loss affects clients' sense of identity, relationships, and overall sense of place in the world. Join therapist and best-selling author Claire Bidwell Smith as she combines her personal experience of losing her mother as a teenager with almost two decades of working closely with this population to give you the clinical tools and interventions you need to help clients feel whole, restore their sense of worth, and heal.

Christina Zampitella, PsyD
Complicated Spiritual Grief: Assessment and Treatment
Christina Zampitella, PsyD | Click here for information about Christina Zampitella

Faith, religion, and spirituality can be a supportive and comforting resource following the loss of anyone or anything that leaves a sense of deprivation and yearning. However, for some people, their relationships to a higher power and/or spiritual community are painfully wounded, leading to the secondary loss of their spiritual resources, connections, and spiritual crisis. In this session, you'll learn to recognize the impact of complicated spiritual grief on the bereaved's grieving process and increase your skills in conducting a comprehensive clinical assessment and development of effective treatment plans.

Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C, MA
The Grief Nobody Talks About: Counseling Strategies for Families Facing the Losses of Addiction
Litsa Williams, MA, LCSW-C, MA | Click here for information about Litsa Williams

It's a silent grief nobody talks about. Buried in shame, despair, and fear; families living with addiction experience deep ambiguous, and non-finite grief. Watching helplessly, the hopes they had for their futures dissolve before their eyes. Unrecognizable from the person they knew, families can even feel like their loved one has already died. Join Litsa Williams, therapist and author of What's Your Grief? Lists to Help You Through Any Loss, as she shows you the specific strategies and techniques you need to counsel the families of those with addictions and design treatment plans that address the distinctively challenging emotional and relational aspects of these losses.

Sacha McBain, PhD
The Grief of Medical Trauma, Injury and Illness: Strategies and Supports for Coping and Adaptation
Sacha McBain, PhD | Click here for information about Sacha McBain

A line forever between what was and what will be, those impacted by medical trauma and chronic illnesses feel every loss. Struck with a sudden or gradual forfeiture of abilities, independence, self-esteem, freedom, comfort, hope, and so much more, the grief of what has been taken from them can make a path forward seem unattainable. In this timely session, Dr. Sacha McBain will show you how clinicians can work with the grief that often follows medical trauma, help clients cope with and adapt to their losses, and support them as they shape a new sense of identity and purpose for themselves.
Certified Grief Informed Professional Course

Usually £709.72
Just £299.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Incredible Savings!
Earn 13.25 CPD Hours (+6.5 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.
Click here for course objectives and outline
"This course opened my eyes to the grief that not only my patients and clients face on a daily basis, but also grief that I have faced in everyday life and did not recognize it, at that time, as grief, until this seminar. Excellent course!"
— LaShae H., Social Worker
"Wow! Best presentation I've seen in a long time — engaging, emotional, provoking, relevant, needed and just changed my whole approach!"
— Anita V., Counsellor
"Deeply moving and extremely helpful!"
— Lorenza T., LPC
"Really spoke to me and helped me identify ways that my personal grief impacts my practice."
— Denise L., Counsellor
"Awesome. It presented a paradigm shift in the way we think about grief that I am looking forward to using with my clients."
— Jill S., Counsellor
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Certified Grief Informed Professional Course

Usually £709.72
Just £299.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Stunning Savings!
Earn 13.25 CPD Hours (+6.5 Bonus CPD Hours) included in the course tuition.
Click here for course objectives and outline

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