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The reality therapists face is that most of us will have clients who only show up for a single therapy session.

If all you have is one client session ... are you confident you can provide the help needed in that short amount of time?  

World-renowned CBT innovator and author Windy Dryden is a master at single-session therapy. He's written dozens of books and trained thousands of therapists worldwide on exactly how to pinpoint and overcome your client's most pressing concern in one session!

Now in this all-new master class, you can master Windy Dryden's Single-Session Therapy (SST) framework and start using his techniques right away in your practice! Register today for this engaging CPD course and get:

  • 5 step-by-step training sessions where you'll learn exactly how to guide clients through the SST pathway — from the first moment they step in your office to the end of the session where they leave with a specific plan for their needs.
  • 2 real in-session demonstration videos where you'll experience Windy Dryden's SST approach in action with clients experiencing stress, anxiety, and emotional pain.
  • Exclusive therapist-to-therapist interviews with fellow clinician Tracy Jarvis that will explore key moments of each client demonstration, so you can fully understand how to apply these techniques with your clients.
Don’t make your clients wait to receive the help they seek … gain the breakthrough, single-session skills and mindset you need to truly make a difference! 


Professor Windy Dryden’s Single Session Therapy Master Class

£499.99  Value
Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Plus, earn 8.5 CPD Hours (+1 bonus CPD Hour) included in the course tuition.

Course Schedule
  • History of Single Session Therapy
  • Personal Interest: how Windy Dryden got started with SST
  • Single-Session Therapy by design and by default
  • One session or more
  • The intentional and consensual nature of SST: The role of time in therapy
  • The capacity of humans to help themselves
  • How clients behave in the real world and our ability of therapists to predict this
  • SST is not an approach
  • View the session as a whole complete in itself
  • Potentially anyone can be helped in a single session
  • Experience is better than assessment
  • Comparisons with the conventional therapy mindset
  • Some help now is better than full help much later
  • Client choice should be respected
  • How can SST services be delivered
  • Why clients should not ideally be assessed for SST
  • The importance of client choice in determining who wishes to access SST
  • What happens when clients are assessed by professionals as being suitable for SST
  • Since SST is complete in itself it has its own process
  • Client roles
  • Preparation
  • Beginning
  • Middle
  • Ending
  • Follow-up
  • Preparing a client for SST, if appropriate
  • Establishing the purpose and parameters of SST
  • Forming an effective working alliance quickly
  • SST is a blend of the strengths and resources both therapist and client bring to the session
  • Creating a focus for the session
  • Maintaining the focus
  • Setting goals
  • Searching for a solution
  • Drawing on the client’s previous attempts to deal with the problem and their strengths and resources
  • Rehearsing the solution
  • Implementing the solution
  • Have the client summarise the session
  • Focus on client takeaways
  • Dealing with last minute issues
  • Discuss criteria for further help
  • Agree follow-up with the client
  • When to follow-up
  • How to follow-up
  • Dissemination
  • Join Professor Windy Dryden in-session with Sian, a client dealing with stress and hurt after experiencing inequality within her social life. Watch as Professor Dryden helps Sian understand the source of her uneasiness and helps her meet her goals of finding a way forward. At the end of the session, you'll hear an exclusive interview with fellow clinician Tracy Jarvis, as they explore key moments that led to the end resolution for the client.
  • In this session, you'll see Professor Dryden work with Vicky, a client who's suffered a recent health issue that's left her with lasting feelings of trouble and uncertainty. Watch as Professor Dryden helps her expolore the incident and draw from personal resources to feel calm again in future situations. Then later, Professor Dryden will discuss the session in-depth with fellow therapist, Tracy Jarvis.

Professor Windy Dryden’s Single Session Therapy Master Class

£499.99 Value
Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Plus, earn 8.5 CPD Hours (+1 bonus CPD Hour) included in the course tuition.

Enrol today and you'll get this FREE Bonus!

Bonus Video Workshop – Advances in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: essential strategies
Join world-renowned CBT expert Johnathan Ludgate, PhD in discussion with Professor Windy Dryden as we discuss the latest advances in CBT.
  • The latest advances in CBT from trauma to mood disorders
  • 3rd wave therapies (ACT, Mindfulness, DBT) vs CBT – When is it better to use one or the other? How can you integrate them given the difference (change vs acceptance)?
  • Effective strategies and interventions to help the most difficult clients
  • Thoughts on CBT vs Somatic therapies – all that you need to know
  • Does CBT consider the therapy relationship important or just techniques? 
  • Single session Therapy
  • And more!

Meet the Course Expert:

Windy Dryden

Windy Dryden, PhD, is Professor of Psychotherapeutic Studies at Goldsmiths University of London, and is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. He has authored or edited more than 195 books, including the second edition of Counselling in a Nutshell (Sage, 2011) and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy: Distinctive Features (Routledge, 2009). In addition, he edits 20 book series in the area of counseling and psychotherapy, including the Distinctive Features in CBT series (Routledge) and the Counselling in a Nutshell series (Sage).

Click here for information about Windy Dryden


Professor Windy Dryden’s Single Session Therapy Master Class

£499.99 Value
Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Plus, earn 8.5 CPD Hours (+1 bonus CPD Hour) included in the course tuition.

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Professor Windy Dryden’s Single Session Therapy Master Class
£499.99 Value
Just £149.99 (VAT Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Plus, earn 8.5 CPD Hours (+1 bonus CPD Hour) included in the course tuition.

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