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Understanding W. R. Bion. CPD UK Certified Digital Course

Not-Knowing in Psychotherapy and The Conceptual Line of W. R. Bion.

CPD UK Certified Digital Course (7.5 Hours).

Start immediately after registration. Study anywhere, any time and at your own rythem.

✓ The course explains the importance of maintaining a state of "not-knowing" in therapeutic, creative and personal processes.

✓ The Course gradually clarifies Bion’s main concepts, including Beta elements, Alpha function, O, Transformations in K, Without memory and desire, Container/contained, Dreaming, Caesura and No-thing.

✓ The course discusses developments to Bion’s concepts made by other psychoanalysts, such as Dr. Thomas Ogden (“Dreaming into existence”) and Dr. Michael Eigen (“Impact”).

✓ The course helps consolidate an organised understanding of what constitutes the core of psychodynamic psychotherapy and includes clinical illustrations and stories from different spiritual traditions.

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Not-Knowing in Psychotherapy
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Not-Knowing in Psychotherapy Simtat Zohar #1 Giv'at Hen
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