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Working with Children, Young People & Families - The Somatic VPT Approach

Sue Bell, OBE & Dr. Laine Jäderberg present

Working with Children, Young People & Families - The Somatic VPT Approach

27th - 29th October , 2023

About the Somatic VPT approach

The VPT (The Vital Parenting Tasks) is an integrative model to support people who work with children and young people, where work with parents is also considered helpful. It is a coherent, easy to use framework for assessment, stand-alone treatment, and/or integration into multidisciplinary treatment packages. The model focuses on parental capacity and the parent-child relationship through the lens of parenting ‘tasks,’ and uses methods such as letter-writing, home visits and observation along with creative, reflexive work and cross-modal attunement.

Somatic work with children takes the principles of Somatic Experiencing, Neuroaffective touch, playfulness, attunement, creativity and empathy to support self and co-regulation. The integration of the two approaches (The Somatic VPT Approach) leads to a trauma-informed, attachment based, model for the treatment of developmental trauma. 

This approach is currently being used in the following settings/ presentations:

  • Child and adolescent general psychotherapy and counselling (eg anxiety, depression)
  • Specialist adoption support
  • Education settings, including SENCOs and pastoral care
  • Children and young people not living with their biological parents
  • Parenting couples
  • Parental alienation
  • Community groups
  • Residential therapeutic settings
  • Complex developmental trauma (including neglect and abuse)
  • Eating disorders, suicide, and self-harm
  • Medical Trauma
  • Children and young people with psychosomatic presentations

About the Workshop

This new training opportunity is delivered over three days (Friday to Sunday) and facilitated by Sue Bell, OBE, and Dr Laine Jäderberg (please see bios). Participants will have space to reflect on their own experience of being parented and will practice the tools of stabilisation and self-regulation. There will be exercises designed to help people connect relationally and tools that increase resilience and support a greater sense of self.

The workshop will combine theory, experiential exercises, and opportunities to practice in dyads as well as to discuss casework. Be prepared to discover your inner child, play and have fun.

Who is the course for?

It is designed for people who work with children, adolescents, parents, families, couples and for those who were once children themselves. Mental health practitioners, psychotherapists, bodyworkers, social workers, occupational therapists, somatic therapists, and anyone with an interest in making the world an easier place for children and young people will benefit from this opportunity.

Course Requirements

In order to fully engage with this workshop, it is recommended that all participants as a minimum have taken the Introduction to Somatic Experiencing and/or equivalent somatic therapy training.


More information

£540.00 but if pay before the end of August Early Bird £490.00
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SOS Internationale (Somatic Experiencing Training®)
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Amnesty International Shoreditch, London United Kingdom
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