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Stopping Addictions: effective treatment and recovery

Why take this course

The numbers of people affected by addictions and substance abuse continue to rise – causing immense mental, physical and financial suffering to individuals, their families and colleagues – while the resources to help are dwindling.

But thankfully it is possible to help most addicts transform their lives – often in only a few sessions – as you will discover on this practical day which draws together, from various schools of solution-focused therapy, the most effective and proven techniques for treating addictions (including motivational interviewing and self compassion techniques) with essential neuroscientific insights into the addictive process to create powerful interventions.

You will leave the day with renewed confidence knowing how it is possible to help most people with addictions, enabling them to transform their lives, often in a small number of sessions.

The skills covered are essential to have (along with guided imagery) if you wish to improve your effectiveness when helping people quit any addiction, including: alcohol addiction, smoking, gambling addiction, shopping, social media addiction, sex, substance abuse, self-harm and eating disorders.

  • Accredited CPD: 6 hours
  • Length 1 day (9.30am - 4.00pm)
  • Tutor: Emily Gajewski
  • Price: £198 per person
  • Price includes lunch, refreshments and course notes

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