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The Rewind Technique: Effective treatment for trauma (PTSD) and phobias

Even the most severe phobic and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms can be successfully addressed using the version of the Rewind Technique you will learn on this 2-day course.

Using the rewind technique you can, often surprisingly rapidly, detraumatise bad memories, stop flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms, cure phobias, banish nightmares and reduce anxiety so you can help the victims of abuse, rape, violence, car accidents, fire, terrorism and panic attacks, heart attacks and other life-threatening experiences.

Another big benefit of this technique is that it is non-intrusive – there is no need for individuals to repeatedly revisit or recount specific details of the events that have traumatised them.

It is also invaluable when working with people who have suffered persistent physical or sexual abuse, and people with OCD. People suffering from other conditions, such as depression, addictions or uncontrollable anger, may have experienced a traumatic event, which needs to be successfully detraumatised in order for them to move on with their lives.

Those who have done our training have already brought relief to thousands of people.  (case history)

- Accredited CPD Certificate

- Counts towards Part 1 of the Human Givens Diploma 

- Includes course notes and lunch 

- Pay in 3 interest free payments with PayPal 

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