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The Mind-Body Connection: Movement, Emotion and Calm

Getting our physical needs met healthily is just as important as ensuring that our innate emotional needs are met well, since our physical health impacts on our mental health and vice versa.

Even though our physical needs may appear obvious – a healthy diet, regular physical exercise etc – we know that most of the chronic diseases sweeping through the Western World are linked to “lifestyle”, indicating that many people are not actually meeting their physical needs, or developing their physical resources, in healthy balanced ways – despite the vast array of information available to them. Understanding just how inextricably linked the mind-body system is, gives us additional ways to help people quickly and effectively resolve many difficulties in life.

This course gives you the opportunity to look in more detail at the science behind the profound effects on mental health of ‘physical’ factors – such as movement and exercise, time in nature and real-time connection with others. It also looks at the many ways we can activate our innate capacity to find calm through our breath and attention, why these work and what it does for us physically.

Throughout the day tutor and GP Dr Andrew Morrice draws on decades of experience managing the complex combination of mental and physical health problems in General Practice (20 of those years, using the Human Givens model) and the latest research. By demonstrating how thoroughly interconnected the mind and body are in the way they react to the world around us, and giving you new information and ways to incorporate this latest mind-body knowledge into your practice, he sifts the sense from the nonsense, making it easier to think clearly about our own health as well as that of our patients…

  • Tutor: Dr Andrew Morrice
  • Engineers’ House in Bristol
  • CPD Certificate: 6 hours
  • Save 15% when you book both days together – enter the code ‘MIND15’ at the checkout.
  • Price includes lunch, refreshments and course notes

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