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The Mind-Body Connection: Food, Mood – and Sleep

Join Dr Andrew Morrice for a deep dive into the effects of sleep, nutrition and the microbiome on our mental health and recovery…

Why take this course

Sleep and sound nutrition are widely recognised to be essential to mental health – this day gives you an opportunity to learn about these two areas in depth, including the role of the Microbiome.

A greater understanding of these two areas can be vital in freeing ourselves from the ‘mind-only mindset’ to help us quickly and effectively resolve many of our difficulties in life.

This course provides you with an opportunity to focus on the science of Sleep – which has always been integral to the human givens approach – and to catch up on recent advances in understanding and evidence as to which approaches best help with poor sleep with our expert tutor. Sleep is a complex set of processes and understanding how these relate to key the areas of restoration, learning and emotional regulation in different types of mental health disturbances can help us in many situations.

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