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Effective treatment for Trauma (PTSD) and Phobias - The Rewind Technique (2-day workshop)

The Rewind Technique – an essential skill for all mental health professionals.

Even the most severe phobic and post-traumatic stress (PTSD) symptoms can be successfully removed using the version of the Rewind Technique you will learn on this 2-day course.

Using the rewind technique you can, in often as little as one or two sessions, detraumatise bad memories, stop flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms, cure phobias, banish nightmares and reduce anxiety so you can help the victims of abuse, rape, violence, car accidents, fire, terrorism and panic attacks, heart attacks and other life-threatening experiences.

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Human Givens College
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The Promenade Clifton Down Avon Bristol BS8 3NB
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