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Head, Heart and Gut Thinking - A creative exploration with Betty Hemingway

This 2-hour online workshop focuses on our 3 internal thinking processes, to explore the opportunities to develop the under-developed parts.

About this event

A creative exploration of head, heart & gut thinking.

Being creative is good for us; it involves imagination, connection, reflection, perceiving in new ways and a way of promoting a deeper more authentic connection with the self.

This online workshop will explore Head, Heart & Gut thinking, creating better internal flow and cohesion. Through the creative experience, we will look at these parts of us, understanding their strengths, their value, and encourage the underdeveloped parts to create better synchronicity.

What will you need?

Apart from, you, the most important part, think imaginatively - You may want a big piece of paper, plus newspapers, magazines, glue etc that will hold colour, texture, pattern and text for you to work with. It could be that you'd like to have a host of pencils, coloured or lead, pastels, paint. It could be, that you decide to tune into objects to work with from the garden..... it is a creative space, so mixed media, and a suspension of the rules is a gift!

What will you get from the workshop?

  • Time to connect with the creative space to suspend logic and tune into your innovative side.
  • Understand multi-intelligence thinking and the power of moving freely between the three perspectives.
  • An understanding of your own connection with head, heart & gut thinking through creative play.
  • Gain deeper insight onto how we observe the world, how we connect and the power of instinct.
  • Tune into the underdeveloped muscle and find new ways of utilising these underdeveloped parts of us.

Target Audience:

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in the subject matter, wants to develop their skills and expand their knowledge. This workshop will be of particular interest to anyone that wants to improve internal synergy.

Meet Betty Hemingway:

Betty is a Behavioural Agility Coach, working with individuals and leaders to create deep transformational change.

Having run her coaching practice, The Mindset Architect, for more than 6 years, Betty uses a breadth of psychologies and concepts to offer the best thinking space for her clients, including Gestalt, Psychodrama, Adlerian Psychology, Transpersonal, TA and creativity coaching.

Her client base is as diverse as her thinking, deliberately so to always remain curious, and not the one “with the answer”. Betty says “Being non-directive can hold more challenge for a coach, but I absolutely know that my answer is not their answer. It will be short lived, or a plaster. The work I do is about creating significant recognition about how someone shows up, how they trigger, and how they see the world. When they understand themselves fully, whoop! There lies the change.

In her spare time Betty is a foodie, adores cats, and her fave pastime? Galleries! She adores going up to London, soaking up some coffee culture then meandering in galleries!

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