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Diploma in Creative Arts Therapies

This inspiring, part-time course is now additionally open to students in training as counsellors/psychotherapists, and for those who are already suitably qualified professionals. It is available to study in Exeter and Poole over 12 weekdays and has Advanced Specialist Training Status with the National Counselling Society (NCS).

  • Offers the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in, and fall in love with, their own creativity, before discovering how to safely, ethically and confidently integrate creative methods within their practice.
  • An inspiring, joyous and transformative learning experience, which will enable participants to enrich their work with clients through creative therapeutic methods.
  • Suitable for students in training as counsellors/psychotherapists, qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling and clinical psychologists, and mental health and wellbeing professionals (such as nurses, doctors or teachers) who offer therapeutic work to clients.

“We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams" – Roald Dahl.

Key features:

  • Underpinning this course, is the principle that creativity has always been the essence of the human race. Creativity has emerged as a way of expressing ourselves, interacting with our environment, decorating ourselves, communicating with each other, attracting one another, communicating with spirits, visualisations, imagery, drama, poetry, explaining the cycles of life and death, exploring ideas, passing on history, storytelling, marking events, accessing our unconscious and the collective unconscious, art, music, dance, sculpture, architecture, healing, learning, celebrating... and more!
  • Participants will deconstruct the idea of creativity, exploring and reflecting upon their own relationship with it and all the associations it might offer, such as joy, anxiety, playfulness, shame and sensuality.
  • Students will experience and develop new understandings and appreciations of creativity, experimenting with a multitude of creative materials and means, including metaphor, music, voice, movement, mark making and clay and natural materials.
  • Offers the chance to learn about how to integrate creativity into practice to share with clients, including the concepts of therapist ‘presence’, how to hold the therapeutic space, and how to safely introduce, contract for and end the work.

Visit for more information. Please note that the application closing date is 4 x weeks before the start date. Late applications will only be processed at the discretion of the Programmes Lead / Course Lead.