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My Crystal Ball is Cracked! Alternative Futures for Counselling and Therapy with Nick Totton

Iron Mill College are celebrating their 40th Anniversary!

The college opened in 1981 to create a space for individuality, uniqueness and creativity through psychotherapy and psychological wellbeing courses.

We've carried this ethos alongside us throughout the 40 years where we continue to deliver a wide-range of exceptional courses in counselling and psychotherapy from entry level to BA Hons.

Most of our courses obtain accreditation by BACP, Quality Checked and Advanced Training Status by NCS and validation by University of Worcester.

We also run online and face-to-face CPD events from renowned leading professionals that are open to the general public and organisations along with our low-cost community counselling service.

We feel extremely humbled to have helped thousands of students who will continue to support hundreds of people in their career.

To celebrate, we are launching a free event with the fantastic Nick Totton to focus on the future of counselling and therapy. There is an option to donate towards the event, all donations will proceed to Mind Charity UK.

To read more about our anniversary, click here!

Event Details:

The crack in the crystal ball is there because I can see two drastically different futures for psychotherapy and counselling.

One of them is about manualisation, monitoring, and fixing people to send them back to work; the other is about our profession rediscovering its radical heart and soul. I will be exploring these two futures, what they mean and how each might come about.

Meet Nick Totton:

I am a therapist and trainer with nearly 40 years experience. Originally a Reichian body therapist, I have explored widely in a number of therapy modalities, and now practice my own approaches, Embodied-Relational Therapy and Wild Therapy, having founded and handed on training courses in both.

I have written a number of books about different aspects of psychotherapy, including Psychotherapy and Politics; Not A Tame Lion: Writings on Therapy in its Social and Political Context; The Problem with the Humanistic Therapies; Embodied Relating; and Wild Therapy, now in a new 2nd edition.

I am a past chair of Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, and of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union, and past editor and current Consulting Editor of Psychotherapy and Politics International. I have a grown up daughter and a grandson and granddaughter. I live in Cornwall with my partner and grow vegetables.

Please note, ticket sales will be closing at 3pm on Thursday 2nd December 2021.