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Integrating Body, Breath & Movement within our Therapeutic Relationships using Trauma Sensitive Yoga- a 2 day - 8 hour, CPD event on ZOOM

Please note events are live stream only they are not recorded

Each day runs 10am-2pm for both Saturday and Sunday

About this event

A 2-day online workshop for health professionals, mental health workers, yoga teachers and coaches with a keen interest in making their current practice more trauma informed and embodied.

Gain confidence and tools to integrate the body, breath and movement within your current practice, working in person and online with trauma, anxiety & depression.

- On completion of this 2-day workshop you will gain an understanding of the core concepts of working with the body, breath and movement within your therapeutic relationships, focussing on treatment tools for trauma, anxiety & depression.

- You will gain practical tools to integrate into your current clinical or therapeutic practice, in person and online, focusing on the body, breath and movement. These tools are trauma informed, including, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, which is a proven treatment for survivors of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), offering effective healing and symptom reduction, it is a clinically validated method of yoga researched by Bessel van der Kolk in the USA. Trauma sensitive yoga has foundations in Trauma Theory, Attachment Theory, Neuroscience and Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on mind body connection, breathing and movement.

• You will leave with a deep understanding of the importance of Science in relation to bringing the body, breath & movement into your work including Neuroscience, Autonomic Nervous System & Vagus Nerve.

During this 2-day workshop we will explore:

-The competing forces of Mind & Body in Science & Therapy

Key aspects of historical psychoanalytic conflict between Mind Body and awareness of the still competing forces within the clinical and political post pandemic environment of 2021.

“Every muscular rigidity contains the history and meaning of its origin... the spasm of the muscle is a somatic side of the process of repression” Wilhelm Reich

Exploring the work and research of Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Laura & Fritz Pearls (founders of Gestalt therapy), Bessel van der Kolk, Patruska Clarkson, Babette Rothschild, Eric Berne, Pat Ogden,Stephen Porges, Allison Priestman, Nick Totton, Peter Levine, Daniel Stern, Danielle Siegel.

-The Power of the breath & movement in healing

The science behind the “WHY” yoga makes us feel good

Energy in the body and how Trauma, Anxiety & Depression manifest as “numbness” “deadness” “frozen” “stuck”...

“The single most important issues for traumatized people is to find a sense of safety in their own bodies” Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Autonomic Nervous System & Heart Rate Variability: How movement, the breath and yoga help us return to our window of tolerance

Why the Vagus Nerve has startling implications for the treatment of trauma, anxiety & depression

- Befriending the Body: Learn Trauma Informed Yoga tools to work with clients online and in person

Empowering language and the theoretical underpinnings of trauma sensitive yoga including trauma theory, attachment theory, hatha yoga, neuroscience, ethics & safety implications and the future for working with Body, Breath and Movement in our therapy rooms as healing tools

- Magical connective tissue and our potential for growth

Fascia - What is it and why it matters

Explore the wisdom of the body moving

- Countertransference & non verbal phenomena within our therapeutic relationships

Two bodies in the room.

“It is a very remarkable thing that the unconscious of one human being can react upon that of another, without passing through the conscious” Freud

“One patient evoked wildcat sensations in my own body, a wildcat countertransference & an unfamiliar body experience”

Susie Orbach

- Is somebody missing? Where did Spirit go?

As contemporary clinicians we must acknowledge the overlap between psychological and spiritual dimensions, as all beings have a yearning for something higher.

Learning outcomes for attendees:

• An understanding of the scientific and clinical research findings supporting working with the body, breath, movement. Specifically, benefits for trauma, anxiety & depression, positive mental health and self-care

• Accessible resources: Reading list, Audio and Online practices for many trauma informed methods

Physical Practise

Attendees will have extensive opportunity to experience and practise trauma informed tools working with the body, breath and movement, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga, to “get it in the muscle” and integrate these new tools within their practice.

Equipment & Experience

No yoga experience is required to attend this workshop, just an interest in mind body connection. On the day of the workshop do wear comfortable clothing and have a space where you can sit on the floor. You have a choice to practise movement seated or on the floor, adjustments are always given.


This workshop is not designed to qualify participants to be a trauma informed or sensitive yoga teacher, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, mindfulness instructor, psychotherapist, counsellor or trauma therapist. Instead, the workshop seeks to provide knowledge and skills to enhance the existing skills within your existing scope of practice. Further training and support via supervision or personal therapy is always recommended when integrating new approaches into one’s existing work.

Safety note

The material in this workshop awakens many sensations, emotions, experiences and thoughts within our own bodies. It is very important that you already have some clinical awareness and knowledge of this subject.

About Lorna Evans, Psychotherapist & Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher

Lorna Evans is an Integrative Psychotherapist accredited with UKCP, holding an MSc in Body Awareness & Psychotherapy.

Lorna now proudly integrates psychotherapy and the body with a focus on Breath & Movement as healing tools for trauma, anxiety and depression. Recently working on documentaries, projects and books with Psychologies Magazine, MTV, The Discovery Channel, BBC, SKY, Samaritans as well as other press for UKCP, Medium, BBC and BACP Magazines promoting her work. Lorna is currently working on several books to be published in 2022.

Lorna’s YouTube Channel, The Mind Movement, encourages people to find a therapist and she shares positive psycho education about staying well by raising awareness of the body, breath and movement.

Lorna’s workshops focus on Neuroscience, the Autonomic Nervous System and the Vagus Nerve to simply explain the benefits of working with the Body, Breath and Movement in therapy. Lorna is proud to have collaborated with Wimbledon Guild of Psychotherapy, Metanoia & Physis to deliver CPD workshops as well as working online training hundreds of therapists and yoga teachers from around the world who have an interest in working with the Body, Breath, Movement and Yoga for treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression, maintaining positive mental health and wellness.

Alongside her clinical practise, Lorna is very proud to teach Trauma Sensitive Yoga and learn from the students of the NHS Recovery College, Mind and many other trauma survivor groups and charities across the UK.


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