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Introduction to Therapeutic Work with Children

This five-day experiential workshop is suitable for practitioners who work with children as social workers, teachers, SENCOs, nursery teachers, classroom assistants, school nurses and foster carers. We also welcome participants who may be interested in therapeutic work with children and adolescents and would like to explore the field of child psychotherapy and counselling.

In designing this course, we considered the many challenges faced by these professionals who encounter on a daily basis psychological distress and emotional difficulties presented by children and feel unsure how to help.

This five day experiential workshop is designed to teach you ways of helping children to deal with their difficult feelings and is intended to give participants an insight into the complexities of psychotherapeutic work with children.

Course content

The theoretical training is conducted in parallel with the experiential training. Both are designed to ensure the appropriate grounding of the theory into practice, as well as a gradual introduction into practical work with children.

Participants will learn about therapeutic play and its use in facilitating expression of the child’s inner world. They will also learn basic therapeutic counselling skills, play therapy skills and will be introduced to relevant theories of child development, attachment theory, neuroscience and an understanding of the importance of systemic thinking in working with children.