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Shame, race and identity with Dr Aileen Alleyne - Online Workshop

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom online.

How do we work with the ubiquitous emotion of shame? Can we recognize and think about its specific manifestations in the context of race? Would you like to deepen your confidence and competence in meeting shame presentations in your clinical work?  

Workshop Aims

The workshop will provide opportunities for participants:

  1. To have a deeper understanding of working with shame and black identity wounding. 
  2. To understand how shame is inextricably linked to untreated trauma from racial oppression.   
  3. To feel more competent in addressing shame-based issues in your clinical work. 
  4. To feel more competent in addressing shame-based issues in your clinical work. 


The ubiquitous emotion of shame has specific consequences for black identity, self-esteem and the process of self-actualisation. Identity is an important signifier through which we try to understand many aspects of our lives - the personal, the political, the racial, the religious, philosophical, gender, class and sexuality. According to Sarup (1996), identity can become an entangled mediating concept between the external and internal, the individual and society, theory and practice.

This workshop will examine Sarup’s ‘I am’ and ‘It is’ aspects of identity, that is, the way we see ourselves and the way society sees us, and highlight where discord, shame and powerlessness reside intra-psychically. The stark contrast between how one is perceived in public and the way we see our private self, can differ widely, and contribute to an inner state of dis…ease. Compounding this psycho-social aspect of shame, is the shame impact of inter/trans generational trauma.

The training will deepen awareness of how the debilitating emotion shame, overarches much of what we deal with in the consulting room. Practitioners will be helped to recognise and work more effectively with the phenomenon and hopefully benefit from a safe (virtual) space to connect personally and professionally with the theme.  The day will be facilitated via a mixture of tutorial input, experiential exercises, clinical vignettes, PowerPoint, and video. 

Dr Aileen Alleyne is a UKCP registered psychodynamic psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and organisational consultant.  In addition to running her private practice in East Sussex and South East London, she is a visiting lecturer at several training institutions and a consultant on issues of race and cultural diversity within various workplace settings, such as the NHS, Social Services, Education and the Police Services. Her clinical research, examining black workers’ experiences in three institutional settings, makes a significant contribution to the discourse on race.  Highlighting the concept of ‘the internal oppressor’, it offers ways of deepening understanding of black psychological reactions to the negative impact of racism. Aileen is the author of several book chapters and journal papers exploring themes on black/white dynamics, shame, and identity wounding, and working with issues of Difference and Diversity in the workplace. She is currently writing her first book on Trans/ Intergenerational Trauma. 

Target Audience:

Practitioners in areas of counselling, psychotherapy, group work, family therapy, psychology, sociology, social work, education, teaching, youth work, pastoral care, psychiatry, mentoring, mediation. 

Comments from previous participants

  • "If you are considering doing CPD around shame and racism and feeling apprehensive, this is a thorough, thought provoking and containing introduction to an essential undertaking."
  • "This is a very "of the moment" course, directly addressing both internal shame, and the implications of working with current and historical racism".
  • "Dr Alleyne's warm and authoritative approach meant we were free to speak from our embodied, lived experience without fear or hesitation. Truly enlightening".
  • "Reaffirming, validatory and eye-opening course!".

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