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Mistakes of the heart: Repairing therapeutic ruptures

Therapeutic mistakes are inevitable … but generally they occur in-session where we rarely have the chance to turn our mishaps into growth opportunities.

Whether the mistakes we make are clinically mis-attuned or the result of our own internal conflicts and attachment styles, there is much to learn from the power of “repair” …

… when therapist and client resolve to recover from a rupture to the relationship caused by empathic failure, mistakes, or even ethical errors.

In this CPD workshop featuring Dr Janina Fisher, internationally renowned expert and bestselling author, you’ll discover how to transform mistakes into powerful opportunities for change. You’ll learn how to use the therapeutic relationship to heal the rupture, even when rooted in long-term attachment wounds, by repairing the inevitable ‘misses’ that accompany our best efforts as therapists.

Join us today for this unique online CPD workshop that can help any therapist improve your skills and ability to help your clients.