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Making the Invisible, Visible: Healing Transgenerational Trauma with Dr Peter Levine

What if your client’s current suffering is rooted in trauma their ancestors experienced decades, or even centuries, in the past?  

Recent trauma studies reveal that suffering and unhappiness are often passed on to future generations… 

…and can hold a powerful influence over our emotions and behaviours today – usually without us ever knowing why.

Fortunately, internationally renowned trauma expert Dr Peter Levine, developer of the widely popular Somatic Experiencing approach, has uncovered effective methods to help separate clients from the transgenerational pain that’s inhibiting their future growth.

Join Dr Levine for this transformative CPD workshop and discover how to not only help your clients connect to their ancestors’ suffering with healing reverence… 

…but also learn to guide your clients to reclaiming their destinies, so they can experience authentic freedom.