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Attachment & Clinical Supervision for Clinicians & Non-Clinicians. Roxana Parra Sepulveda

“Desperate clients cannot be helped by desperate therapist” (Rothschild, 2002)

This quote is addresses the reality faced by front line workers working with clients presenting complex or multiple needs and history of trauma. Not only are they tasked with attending to their clinical needs but their roles extend into helping them to find solutions for the difficulties and scarcities of their day to day reality. In this seminar, Roxana will reflect on the role of clinical supervision in assisting the work of both the therapist and the front line worker. She draws on attachment theory and the 'Triple Stance Framework (TSF)' in her analysis, briefly outlining the clinical supervisor’s role within the Triple Stance Framework Model for Clinical Supervision.

About the Speaker

Roxana Parra Sepulveda is a psychologist and psychotherapist with international clinical experience, with practical experience and knowledge across a wide range of key topics including cognitive and constructivist psychotherapy, women's rights issues, Trauma and the use of Attachment Theory in clinical work. She has extensive experience of managing and leading complex and specialized psychotherapy services in a range of organisations in the charity and higher education sector in the UK. She has written and developed case management and good practice guidelines for therapists working with survivors of trauma and harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation. She is also author of teaching material for the Open University in Barcelona, Spain.

She started her career working with in-house patients with severe mental health issues, and since 2006 she has specialised in Understanding Trauma, working to support women and men, refugees and asylum seekers and survivors of all kinds of abuse, including domestic violence, sexual abuse and torture.

Roxana is a Clinical Supervisor with experience in Group and Individual Clinical Supervision, providing clinical supervision to therapists and advisors and front-line workers in charity organisations. In this field, she is interested in developing ways of working from Psychological Informed Environments considering multilingualism and attachment theory applied to clinical supervision.

She is a director member of the International Attachment Network UK (IAN- UK) and the International Liaison Team IAN- UK sub-division. Roxana is a member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and an accredited member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).