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Psychiatric Drugs and Mental Health Made Simple

Psychiatric Drugs and Mental Health Made Simple: Everything therapists need to know to feel confident with prescriptions and medications

Become the therapist who understands psychiatric drugs and prescriptions,  and can offer the right guidance and support for clients  

The rates of prescribing psychiatric drugs have been steadily increasing over recent decades, and it now seems to be the default helping response to mental and emotional distress and disturbance in healthcare settings.  As a consequence, it is increasingly common for counsellors and psychotherapists to see clients who are taking a psychiatric drug, or if not, perhaps sometimes even wonder whether they should.   

What, then, should counsellors and psychotherapists know about psychiatric drugs and how might they use their knowledge in clinical practice? 

This course is delivered by someone who is both an experienced psychiatrist and practising counsellor who has thought deeply about the relevance of knowledge about psychiatric drugs to therapeutic practice – what is important to know, reflect on and to question. It aims to unravel some of the complexity and highlights key debates.  

This is your chance to feel more confident and competent in having conversations with your clients about psychiatric drugs, as well as liaising, when needed, with healthcare professionals.